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Reverie Bed

Beds are used for more than just sleep and so when selecting a new mattress it's important that we think of the other things you'll be doing there besides just "sleeping". 

While we might just be talking about things like eating breakfast in bed or creating a pillow fort for the kids ... we're talking about sex. Picking a proper mattress is an expensive investment and it can dramatically improve or negatively impact your sex life. Beds are more than just about sleeping on, so let's take a look at what's important here.

Memory Foam vs Springs

Most people have experience on a traditional spring mattress and so I’ll use that as a baseline. Generally, spring mattresses provide a nice bounce but they can sag over time. On the other hand, Memory Foam can be incredibly soft and forms to your body to provide a very restful sleeping experience. Prior to my Reverie bed, I had a memory foam mattress and while comfortable to lay in – I found that there was no "bounce" to it (by design). This turned into a negative when it was time to have sex or generally just to roll over and kiss each other good night. That same body contouring that made it so comfortable to lay on was so soft you sank into the bed and that’s all folks.

As a result, those activities other than sleeping have been much easier to enjoy …


Traditional Bed Frame vs Adjustable Foundation

When I got an adjustable mattress for the first time, I absolutely loved it. Previously we simply had a frame for the box spring to lay on, but now we can angle it, raise the head or feet and while that in itself isn't necessarily an improvement for intercourse, it can make snuggling afterwards more intimate.

Split King or King Sized Mattress?

This will a bigger decision – on one hand, you have the ability to adjust your bed based on individual preferences … but on the other you have a chasm between you for wayward legs, hands, and feet to slip into.

Can You Adjust the Firmness?

For the most part, you pick a mattress based on how firm it is and that’s what you are stuck with for the next several years. Sure, there are some mattresses that can inflate and adjust so both of you are happy but generally you'll want to think of the type of sex you and your partner enjoy and go from there. The simple factor is that coils are going to have more bounce while foam is going to be softer.

There are other factors to consider too such as pregnancy and weight when considering this choice as well.