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Auto Insurance Tips So You Can Save Money

how to save money on auto insurance

Auto insurance can be confusing and there are TONS of options today. The most important thing to remember is that while you probably will never have to use your auto insurance policy, it's still important to shop properly for it. To help with this, here are some tips that you can use to save money on auto insurance.

Research What's Included In An Insurance Quote

You'd think that car insurance would be a simple matter of what kind of car you drive and how many miles you expect to drive it. However, modern car insurance policies take into account a lot of different elements including the style of driving, are you a ride-share driver as well as using it for personal use, are you driving it in an urban area or out in the country. On top of that, there's more tricky stuff like exactly how much will the cover if you are in an accident as well as what services they provide while the car is in the shop.

When insuring some vehicles - such as a Jeep you just use on weekends perhaps - the goal is the lowest monthly cost. However, for other vehicles such as the car you depend on to get back and forth to work - saving a few dollars monthly might actually cost you money in the long term.

Only Insure Cars You Are Actually Driving

This is just common sense, but I'm sure some of you who like to tinker hold on to cars a few years past their prime. If that's you, there's two ways to save money 1) check your policy and make sure you are only covering cars that are actually being used 2) sell your unused cars. Even if it isn't in the best condition and you feel guilty selling it to someone, there are services to help clean up your junk - like this one offering cash for cars in Los Angeles.

cracked windshield

Shop Around For the Plan That Best Fits You

Not all insurance companies are created equal. Some are really good at having well trained local agents and others focus primarily on their mobile app and online services. Others offer a good blend of the two. It's important that you have a trusted resource where you can get the information you need quickly. Most of the time, you'll never have to deal with it ... but when you do, you'll want to make sure your insurance company is a good partner that fits your needs.

Consider Looking For a Local Insurance Agent

While there are many national insurance brands where you are able to do everything online, it's nice to "have a guy" who can help you out. Maybe it's just that I'm old, but as much as I love technology - I have a tax guy and I have a local insurance agent too. Most national insurance companies have local auto insurance agents as well. Make sure you visit their website and find one near you. You may want to call them up and get to know them but it's often times easier to simply read the posted reviews and other information provided online.  

Use a Mobile-Friendly Insurer

Since you’re traveling a lot, the chances go up that you’ll have to file a claim from a far-flung region. Perhaps you won’t have access to a computer, but you should have your smartphone. So, find an auto insurance carrier that lets you do the basics (and preferably more) via a mobile app.

home owners insuranceLook for Insurance Synergies

With some auto insurance companies, they also offer other services such as home and life insurance or even financial services. While I would never encourage someone to chose one of these just because it's cheaper, there are often synergies that work to save you money in the short term as well as long term.

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