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how to bet on horse races

When I was a small boy, I remember going to the racetrack with my grandfather and watching the horses while he made periodic wagers. On these days, as I grew older it was an opportunity to not just spend time with him but also an opportunity to learn skills that would help me later in life. For instance, while anyone can throw money at a number and some will be lucky, others use math, pattern recognition, intuition, and time honored traditions to may the process more efficient. Or at least make it more fun! 

While the Kentucky Derby is obviously one of the biggest events of the year, horse racing is something that happens nearly year round. There are different types of races and various locations around the world but in today's world they are all connected through sites like TVG which supplies feeds as well as tips, odds, and wagers.

Ultimately though, this is a sport that inspires fans to create their own strategies and methods to get an edge. With races like the Kentucky Derby, there are many people like myself who normally stay on the sidelines but don't mind tossing a few dollars at "our favorite horse". Unfortunately this isn't that precise and to maximize the experience when you visit a betting site, you should have a basic understanding of what you are doing. 

Not only will this help make sure that you place money where you think you are ... but also prevent disappointment if you thought you bet to "show" but you actually bet on a horse to "place".

Types of Bets In Horse Racing

Win: If you think any horse will win in Kentucky Derby, then you can place win bet there.

Place: Your horse need to be finished 1st or 2nd, you will win that bet.

Show: It’s same like place bet.  Your horse must be finishes d 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you will win that race.

Exacta: Your horses need to be finish 1st or 2nd in correct order.

Trifecta:  It’s same like Exacta; Your Horses must need to be finished in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in correct order.

Superfecta: Continuing in Exacta manner, just it counts 4 horses to finish line in the same manner.

Super High Five: Five horses are counted in this bet and if your horses finished the race in correct manner you will win the bet.

Special Bets: This special bet include the prediction about the winner of the Kentucky Derby on both (5, 6 May) day.

For those who have never wagered on a horse before, this might appear overwhelming. While the concept of making a bet seems simple - picking the right horses in a line of dozens available can be confusing initially.

While this can be an initial hurdle to get over, it's also what makes this sport fun. Most tracks offer first time betting help and there are great resources online such as the Dictionary of Gambling to help you reference any terms you don't understand.

For individuals needing to begin early and potentially secure preferred chances now over at post time, the Kentucky Derby Future Wager is a decent alternative. The wager is open amid four distinctive periods – as a rule in November, February, March, and April – as the Kentucky Derby prep races are being run. The KDFW itself is pari-mutuel, with Win and Exacta alternatives advertised. Fields for every portion of the KDFW are chosen by a board of dashing specialists and handicappers.