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How to shop for the perfect outboard motor for your boat
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While this advice is provided to us by one of our Australian readers, the facts are similar for buying a boat in the United States or Europe as they would be in Australia. Boats are major investments and so it is critical that men understand how to read the reviews and product descriptions to make the correct decision on what boat or outboard motor for their needs.

As Australians, we have an intrinsic love for the water. Living on the biggest island in the world does have its advantages. Aside from having the best seafood this side of the world as this website tells us, we also have the beaches and seas that we can explore to our heart’s content. It is almost sacrilegious not to enjoy the Australian waters and see the coastline.

What is the next best thing to do aside from swimming or surfing in these waters? It’s riding a boat, of course. There is nothing more fun than touring around the beaches and seeing everyone enjoying the weather even if it can get too hot. 

This is why some of the best shops on the coasts have been around for a long time. They have been dealing with boats and outboards that can be used to tour the waters. You may want to check some online reviews and see which boats are now becoming more popular.

Shops like Brisbane Yamaha have been moving into online markets to cater to more customers. Whether you are looking for speed or comfort, there is something for you here in the Land Down Under. What makes a boat perfect will depend on what you need. It can get tricky, but we are here to help you out.

What To Look For In A Outboard Motor Review

It's been said that a boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into. That isn't far from the truth and that's why it is critical that you understand what you need and equally so what you are looking at when shopping. For the purposes of this article we're only going to look at boats with outboard motors.

With outboard motors there are a few important areas to understand:

Your Boat's Size and Design - There are many calculations here but fundamentally, you will need to understand the weight of your boat as well as the hull type and what you want to use it for. There will be a minimum power of the motor that you will need, but you'll also want to consider how it will be used, the type of water, and shape of the boat's hull to determine how easily it will be able to push through the water.

Two-Stroke vs Four-Stroke - When it comes to boats, there's a wide spectrum of needs from small fishing skiffs to larger pleasure boats. If you are just looking for something small and manageable then a two-stroke outboard motor is probably sufficient since while it is less powerful, it is also much easier to maintain compared to a four-stroke engine. However, for more power and efficiency a four-stroke motor is what you'll be wanting to look at buying.

Fuel Injection Types - Not all outboard motors are the same. There are three fundamental types of fuel injection systems that you'll be looking at. These include Carburated - oldest technology and worst fuel economy, Direct Fuel Injection DFI - injects the fuel directly into the motor's cylinders, Electronic Fuel Injection EFI - this is the most advanced and the fuel injection process is controlled electronically. Both fuel injection systems will be more powerful and efficient than a carburated motor but they are also significantly more expensive.

Horsepower - While we touched on this with the first point in talking about your boat's size - horsepower is also relevant in terms of speed and maneuverability. It is also important to consider if fuel costs are important to you and how much of a load you will be transporting in your boat. For instance, while a 250 hp outboard motor may be sufficient to push your boat through the water with just you and a friend - when you load it up with coolers of beer and a group of guys it might struggle to plane or fail to go fast enough for your preference entirely.

Maintenace History and Logs - If your new motor is new then it is factory fresh and should also include the manufacturer's warranty. However, if you are looking at a used outboard motor then you should make sure that there is a maintenance log. This will show any trouble that the motor may have experienced including accidents and failures, but also evidence that it was properly maintained in terms of seasonal cleanings and regular maintenance.

Comparing Used vs. New Motors

Now, there is an ongoing war between these choices. It may not be as serious, but this is Australia we are talking about. For most people, it would be best to stick with a new boat since it has a lot of updated features. You can enjoy it for a long time as well since it has not experienced any kind of use before you bought it. However, the cost is what drives people back. It can range from AUD 9,000 to AUD 20,000. The more advanced it is when it comes to tech, the higher the price.

You can also buy a secondhand boat. It is considerably more affordable than brand new ones because of its wear. However, it would still be mostly functional. Some of them can still handle even the toughest currents. Unfortunately, you might still need to spend more on repairs since most of these secondhand boats have certain issues. You would be lucky to find one which is still pristine so don’t let that go away.

On the other hand, there are some considerations that you need to think about before buying a secondhand boat. For one, you need to get one from a certified dealer. The internet is now giving more options for people to personally sell their stuff. You can take a look at these for smaller purchases but not something as big as a boat. This is an investment and you should not be getting it from some questionable sources. If you are looking for a dealer, make sure that they are a member of the BIA. You may also need to check the warranty and test it on the waters

Buying From a Dealer or From a Fellow Boater

Aside from all of that, you need to ensure you and your boat’s safety. It would be best to insure them as soon as possible. If you are getting them secondhand, ask the dealer or previous owner if it is still covered and if you can take over it. Otherwise, you can always do it yourself. The Australian waters can get challenging especially during the cyclone seasons. Whatever happens, you can always feel secure about your possession. You also need to register it with the local government before driving it. This would depend on where you are planning to go boating. Learn more about it here:

Buying a boat is going to have a lot of challenges associated with it. It does not stop once you pay for it. However, the experiences that you and your family can get with it are priceless If you are considering buying one, you need to know how to navigate it. Familiarize yourself with the sea, and keep track of the weather. These are just a few reminders that you need to take upon yourself to master. Remember, the seas are not your friend, but you are keeping yourself safe by being vigilant. 

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