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ic3 Shot Trainer

Christmas may be over, and while I am sure you guys all got some cool stuff this year I bet you also go some cash as well, so now's the time to buy something for yourself like the iC3 Shot Trainer to help you improve your basketball skills in the spring! Plus, with the new year beginning this is a great opportunity to get in shape as well!


The by practicing with the iC3 shot trainer, basketball training becomes even more fun since you can spend less time chasing the ball and more time taking shots! Think of it this way, it's like a batting cage for basketball by combining a net above / behind the board with a return ramp to roll the ball right back at you.

By focusing on fundamentals like this, you can increase your basketball skills by developing muscle memory and that will lead to improvement in your shooting percentages this summer when you head out to the court.



In addition to the home unit, Dr. Dish also creates three additional training machines for various levels of coaches and players to provide a more intense "game-like" training experience.