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header-imageWe don't always think about what might happen if something goes wrong on that back-woods hunting or fishing trip, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared.While 9 times out of 10 you will return from your adventure safe sound and with a belly full of the "Three B's" (Beer, Beef, and Bourbon), you never know what might happen when camping and that's where these items can come in handy.

The following items aren't just smart, they are also a manly way to stay alive in a pinch!

From foods for survival to knives to build a shelter, the following items are a "must have" for your next back woods camping trip.

First Aid Kit

At the top of our list is a good First Aid Kit. It isn't manly to bleed to death when you could have done some basic first aid and kept safe. Even more, being able to save a buddy is about as manly as you can get! First Aid kits these days come in a variety of styles from simple boxes of band-aids to full blown Emergency Kids like the package above.


Plastic Water Bottle with Filter

You won't always be able to boil your water to ensure that the microbes are gone, so a good water bottle with a great filter will help take care of this. Even if you are able to boil the water, a water bottle with a filter will help remove any sediments or other items floating in the water.


Emergency Food - Freeze Dried Beef

While trail mix and beef jerky might be what you typically associate with "Emergency Food" you might want to also consider freeze dried food as being perfect as well. After all, if you are stuck somewhere, wouldn't being able to nourish yourself with a big hunk of beef make you feel more satisfied? The only thing more manly would be to take out a knife, build a trap and catch your own dinner!


Survival Knife

Any good survival kit should have a good survival knife. For protection, hunting for dinner, or to help cut branches to make a shelter, a good knife is will be your best friend if you are ever lost in the woods.


So what do you guys think? What Emergency Supplies would you bring on your next camping trip?