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Advice From The Father Of The Bride

Advice From The Father Of The Bride

Feeling stressed and nervous before the wedding is very common. As the father of the bride I'm sure you have your share of anxiety as well but as someone that your daughter trusts and looks up to, it is your duty to do more than simply stand up and write checks for her special day. You need to also be able to help her stay calm and make sure that her day is as wonderful as the one you and her mom celebrated years ago. Almost everyone experiences jitters; after all, it is a huge life-changing moment. But it is important not to feel this way on the big day. And it is also vital to be able to overcome these feelings and enjoy the ride.

If you found yourself in such a place, here are the best ways to combat wedding jitters/

Understand Why You Stressed

Knowing what factors keep you in such a state is a halfway to calming down. Sit down and think of all things that are on your mind. Write them in a list so that they can be solved or addressed.

It can be anything, from worrying about the venue to balancing planning the event while working or studying. The last one can be extremely overwhelming. Students that get married during college have to also navigate the curriculum with lots of lectures, seminars, and written assignments. If an essay or term paper deadline is one of the stressors for you, consider asking a paper writer from WritePaper for help. A professional academic writer will help with editing, proofreading, or writing any college assignment in no time. And you'll be able to take one thing off your mind immediately.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help when in need. Whether you are struggling with a case study and academic requirements or need to vent about wedding cakes. Discover the things that make you anxious and find ways to solve them.

Establish Wedding-Free Days

One of the reasons you might be overwhelmed is that constant planning is happening 24/7. The best way to prevent burnout and all the other issues is to have wedding-free days. Do it once in a one-two week period and have a great time.

The rules are simple – any tasks or problems regarding the wedding are not allowed. Do not talk about or even think about it. This day is about doing something fun with your partner, meeting friends, going to movies or art galleries, etc. It is important to have a little bit of stress-free time to take care of each other.

Talk to Someone

Another amazing way to release some tension is to vent it out. Do not try to push those feelings away; acknowledge them and express them in the conversation.

Talk to someone you trust and someone who can support you, for example, your partner. Chances are, they are also nervous about something. Be honest and focus on you two and the relationship you have.

One can also talk to a friend, relative, or even their wedding coordinator that can sort lots of things out.

Use Decompressing Techniques

The whole process of planning a wedding is stressful. Even if you can easily deal with some amount of it, you need to incorporate some techniques that help to decompress. Constant worrying might be truly harmful to mental and physical health.

Such techniques can be along the lines of:

  • Journaling;
  • Meditation;
  • Breathing exercises;
  • Painting;
  • Jogging;
  • Crafting, etc.

Maybe journaling will really help you to reflect on your state and have a clearer image of the situation. It can even be the start of your writing career, who knows? Choose something that reflects your wishes.

Focus on Marriage Rather Than Wedding

It is easy to get swept away with the wedding things and forget what this day is about. It is not only a celebration but also the beginning of a new life together with the person you love.

Instead of putting all the pressure on one day, think more about the future. For example, think about peaceful destinations  where you can go on vacation next year. Or spend time being affectionate with your partner. Thinking about marriage will also help to reduce stress from the unknown.

If you have particular fears, address them. Reframe your mindset, and it will reduce the anxiety for one specific day.

Voice of Reason

Another useful approach is to address the things that worry you from a logical perspective. Write down the bad scenarios you've created in your head. For example, the wedding cake won't be on time, your guests will hate the venue, or you won't find the right band for the night.

Think of how likely those things are actually to happen? Is the terrible rainstorm truly going to ruin the outdoor ceremony? Do such storms even happen in this part of the world? In most cases, these scenarios are very unrealistic. And even the thought of it will make you feel better.

But if you're afraid of something happening, draft a plan to deal with it. This will make you feel prepared and understand that it won't be that awful.

Be aware that surprises will probably happen as no one can control absolutely everything. But do not let them ruin the mood and overshine the love you are celebrating.

Take a Spa Day

It is also possible to beat the jitters by doing something nice for yourself, especially if it is relaxing. Take your partner or friends for a spa day. It is going to be fun. You can have:

  • Long bath;
  • Full-body massage;
  • Facial;
  • Manicure;
  • Pedicure;
  • Mud-masks;
  • Cleansing, etc.

There things will calm your nerves, make you feel better, and help you be more aligned with your body. And you'll look even better after all, which is a plus.

Think of Why You Love Your Partner

It is important to have a positive mindset and concentrate on something inspiring. To feel more gratitude and happiness, take time to think of all the things you love about your partner.

Remember how you've met and all the amazing adventures you had. Or think of how they always take care of you when you do not feel well. Instead, focus on what you have in common and how both of you show your love to each other.

Instead of feeling anxiety, you'll be more confident and happy. Because no matter how stressful this whole wedding thing can be, you are doing it together. And it is a stepping stone in the bright future you have planned for yourselves.

Do Something You Love

There will be days when you might feel particularly nervous. If that is the case, put the things aside and do something you love. For example, watch a favorite movie or TV show. It is even better if it is funny because laughter helps overcome negative feelings.

It is also very beneficial to reconnect with nature. Go for a walk and marvel at the greenery or skies. It will help you be more grounded and not allow all the negative ideas to overpower you.

If you are into doing something with your hands, you can express those feelings via creation. Just take your mind off it.

In Summary

It is completely normal to experience wedding jitters. There is a lot of pressure coming from all sides, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. It is important to start with figuring out the reasons why you feel anxious and addressing them.

It is also crucial to have some time off it. Spend a day or two without even thinking about the wedding but rather enjoying the company of the loved ones.

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