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You’re probably reading this article today because you need to move to another state for work and it’s likely to be a long-term or even permanent relocation. Your employer might even offer to subsidize some of your costs, but you will still likely incur some expenses.

How can you make this process go as smoothly and affordably as possible? Don’t worry because the following inspirational tips and tricks will tell you all you need to know! Here’s how to move interstate for work on a budget:

Create A Plan Of Action

The first thing you must do is write down a plan of action. It's an important first step, as it helps you organize your relocation to-do list and ensures that you don't miss any deadlines -  potentially saving you from unnecessary expenses.

You can choose to write your plan of action on paper or note it down digitally, depending on your preference. The key point is to have a guide that helps make the relocation process as smooth as possible.

Do Most Things Yourself

It’s no secret that you can pay people to do most things for you in life. For example, you could hire people to pack your worldly possessions and then unpack them in each room.

You can save yourself significant sums of money by doing most of those tasks yourself. If you feel overwhelmed by the whole process at any point, you could always ask a relative or friend to help you.

Acquire Some Free Cardboard Boxes

A quick Google search will reveal that cardboard boxes aren’t cheap to buy. Plus, you’ll likely need to pay shipping costs on top of that! Thankfully, a simple solution to this problem is to acquire some free cardboard boxes!

You may already have some stored at home, for instance, or you could obtain some from your workplace. Asking your family and friends if they have any spare boxes is also a good idea.

Get Some Shipping Quotes

You’ll probably have some bulky items that need transporting interstate to their new home. It makes the most amount of sense to get some shipping quotes from moving companies as they can take the stress out of that part of your relocation.

Alternatively, you could rent a U-Haul and take those items yourself - but it’s easier and likely cheaper to get a professional company to move those heavy items for you.

Choose The Cheapest Way To Travel

One final way to cut your relocation costs is by researching the cheapest way to travel to your new home.

If you’re moving a considerable distance away, it might be cheaper to sell your car, fly to the airport nearest your new home, and buy another car there. Otherwise, you could plan a relaxing road trip in your car and drive yourself there.

In some cases, it might be possible to get a train interstate; this depends on where you live and where you’re going, of course.


The tips and tricks listed on this page will make your life easier and help you spend as little as possible on your relocation. Good luck!