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Snowshoe Running in Winter

Sure, the weather is great outside right now, but that doesn't mean that now isn't the time to start planning for the winter snow that is just around the corner. Bummer, yeah I know!

Winter is a period when time slows down and laziness sets in. It can be easy to blame your laziness on the weather and kick back and stay indoors but your body is not going to be easy on you just because it’s cold outside. We often sit through the season and find ourselves completely out of shape at the end of winter. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Winter can be a great opportunity to engage in an activity that you usually won’t be able to indulge in.

Snowshoe Running

If you've formed an opinion of what snowshoe running is from reading the title, you are probably right. Snowshoe running is basically running on snow. You might also have concluded that it is a ridiculous idea. Walking on snow alone can be quite the challenge with your feet sinking in, and we concur. A small investment however, would do the trick. Running snowshoes are specially designed snowshoes meant for running on snow. These shoes are built with a larger surface area to help you prod through snow rapidly without falling into a snowy mess every few feet. However you still need some great athletic shoes to strap into the frame such as the Ghost 8 over on Runnerclick.

Running snowshoes are different from typical snowshoes because they are built with more focus on running. They are developed with special light-weight materials such as aluminum as well as straps and buckles to ensure that the shoe does not come off easily. It is also designed using a number of physics concepts to help you propel yourself forward easier.

How to Run During The Winter

Investing in a pair of snowshoes can prove to be beneficial for a number of reasons. Running in winter will help you break your lazy routine and jolt some rapid blood flow through your veins. It will also give you better regulation of your body temperature. As you warm up with your run, you will be more tolerant of the cold temperatures for a considerable period of time.

While running snowshoes are built to improve running, it is still a completely different to running on flat road on an ordinary sunny day. Running on snow can be quite challenging and enjoyable. The different environment and Winter ambiance can be a breath of fresh air and inspire a rather positive mood. Most individuals who practice in the art of winter running tend to emphasize on the exciting, unique experience it offers.

snow running winter run

Tips for Running During the Winter

It is important to practice safety measures when running during the winter.

One aspect to look into is adequate warm up and warm down. While the benefits of warming up and warming down even under usual circumstances has been well documented and is even considered a highly recommended, compulsory activity, the stakes are even higher during the winter. Your body is essentially exposed to a much colder temperature so it is mandatory to slowly dial the heat up by warming up at a slow pace and that proceeding to a faster pace. At the end of the work out, it is important to warm down gently as your body restores its process to adapt to the colder environment.

It is also important to wear bright clothes that will ensure that you are seen as winter days can be quite dark.

Finally, since winter conditions can be unpredictable it is important to only run on clearly marked paths and with a friend.

If you follow these tips for running during the winter, you will be able to maintain your fitness regimen throughout the cold months and be in even better shape next year when it's time for the beach!