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Five Things You Probably Didn't Know about e-Cigarettes

Blu PLUS+ e-Cigs

e-Cigarettes are super popular these days and so I'm not here to tell you about the "dangers" of smoking. We are all adults here and that's for you to decide what to do with your body. However, as someone who is interested in gadgets and how things work, the concept of an e-cig is sort of fascinating.

With that in mind, I set out to check out what the buzz was all about and ordered an Xpress Kit and flavor tank on the Blu PLUS+ e-Cigs website. It was super easy to find a great selection of flavors ranging from Classic Tobacco to Cherry Crush and even Peach Schnapps. Checkout is just like it would be on any other ecommerce site and that saves both time and any stigma you might feel buying tobacco products in person.

Vape Fluids Don't Have to Have Nicotine

While most people using electronic cigarettes are doing so as a delivery mechanism for nicotine, you can also buy many flavors with "none" strength or medium instead of high. Unlike traditional cigarettes, this gives you the option to consume nicotine or just enjoy the flavor and satisfy your desire to hold the cigarette while you inhale the vapor.

Using an e-Cigarettes is Not Smoking

This might be obvious, but using an  e-cigarette is not smoking since there is no combustible material. Instead, the flavored liquid in the tank is atomized into a vapor that the user inhales. You can charge your blu PLUS+ in a charger pack that resembles a traditional pack of cigarettes or you can even just plug the tip into a USB port to charge that way too.

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Electronic Cigarettes Are a Chinese Invention

While the American inventor Herbert A Gilbert patented a "smokeless non-tobacco cigarette" in 1963, the modern e-cigarette was invented by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik who patented his invention in 2003. Unfortunately for Mr. Gilbert smoking was still fashionable in the 1960's so his invention wasn't as popular as Hon Lik's was when it was introduced.

Laws Are Restricting Where Electronic Cigarettes Can Be Used

While e-cigarettes are a great option for maintaining your habit, there are starting to be restrictions on where you can and can't smoke them. You still have a lot more freedom, but make sure to check your local laws as well as asking before checking in to your hotel room or cruise ship.

Electronic Cigarettes May Be a Cost Savings

Starter kits of Blu start at only $14.99 for the Xpress Kit and as high as $89.95 for the PREMIUM100 Kit. You can also buy a 4-pack of Disposables for $39.95, where each is the equivalent of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. Blu flavor tanks are good for approximately 550 puffs each and sell in 3-packs for $14.99 (or lower in volume).

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