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gadgets and smart tech

Gadgets have become apart of modern life in a way that few people could have accurately predicted just a few decades ago. Whether we are at home or out and about, there is some form of technology that has been designed to assist or entertain us. Here we are going to discuss some of those pieces of tech based on their role in certain environments.


Once upon a time, the leading technology in a home was a TV, radio and cooking appliances, but nowadays that has changed to include so many options. So to ensure we do home gadgets justice, we are going to look at three types in this section. Firstly, let’s discuss the rise of the smart speaker and all that comes with it.

Smart speakers are wireless speakers that utilize voice integrated control and a virtual assistant like Alexa or Siri. One of the reasons these have become so popular is how easy it makes it to listen to anything in your library, on the radio or through your chosen streaming service like Spotify. Companies from across the spectrum have smart speakers available to purchase now, one of those is the industry standard for wireless speakers; Sonos. The Sonos Play:3 works with Amazon’s Alexa assistant and allows you to wirelessly connect speakers throughout your home meaning you can be listening to music in your front room, wander through to the kitchen and have the speaker in there continuing your playlist.

Sonos are far from the only speaker maker on the market, Amazon themselves have the Echo which has voice assistance as well. And there are also options in this market from Bose and JBL.

Voice controlled technology is a continuation of a project from most big tech brands to integrate their software with our homes, and that is what we are going to look at now. Companies like Amazon and Google have been attempting to find as many ways as they possibly can to work their technology into your homes by offering you the opportunity to sync up devices with your lighting, television and in many other ways. Products like Fire TV now come with a voice controlled remote so that you can tell your device to play, pause, stop and rewind the programming you are watching. Similar options come from the likes of Samsung.

Your home is rapidly becoming a different kettle of fish due to advancements in technology. Smart doorbells allow you to see who is knocking at your door and speak directly to them via your phone. You can get a self-adjusting thermostat that learns your temperature preferences. And if you’re watching something gripping but need a cup of coffee or tea, then control your kettle or your smart remote button pusher for your coffee maker.  

Finally, as if the future isn’t already here. There are companies working on the technology of tomorrow, including smart mirrors that can give you your daily updates while you do your morning grooming.



Car gadgets have become a lot more advanced in recent years and they can offer a range of services. One of those options is a hidden dash cam which offers you the opportunity to record the surroundings around your car to protect it from theft, insurance fraud and other complications that can arrive from being a driver. Dashboard cameras aren’t a particularly new invention, however, the advancement in technology has made them better and easier to keep hidden.

The car is a place where manufacturers are continuing to find innovative ways to introduce technology. This includes the first of its kind, Hudway Cast which allows drivers to turn their smartphones into heads up display for the road ahead by projecting the GPS onto a transparent screen in front of you. There is also the option to keep an eye on the health of your car thanks to products from ZUS and the Automatic Pro Adapter.

Your car is already full of gadgets, especially as makers start to embrace the ways they can improve their vehicles by opening up the floor to tech. You now have the option for passengers to watch television, an endless supply of music thanks to a built in hard drive and a car that will talk to you to help you through your journey.

However, the car is not the only form of travel that has been aided by gadgets and changes to technology.



Whether you are going short or long distances, there is a gadget out there to improve your journey in some way. That could be a product that helps you find your way or one that keeps your mind occupied while you sit on a train or plane.

For frequent travelers, there are tools like the world’s smallest travel iron and a portable washing machine so that you can keep on top of your laundry. You might also want to consider investing in a Skyroam Solis which allows you to connect to the internet in 130 countries, meaning gone are the days of scrambling for an internet connection outside free wifi hotspots. These are three examples of how practical gadgets can be and no doubt you’re getting ideas of how they could help you on your travels.

But, not everyone is looking to stay connected or be on top of chores while they travel. If you’re someone who just wants to get relaxing and moving, make sure you are taking time to look into different camera technology to capture your fun. Digital cameras took over from disposable a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t continuing to evolve. You can now find yourself some video recording sunglasses so that your holiday is recorded through your eyes and any tech discussion for travel would be remiss not to mention GoPro. This company has changed the way consumers view camera technology and has spawned a whole offspring of similar products.