Gifts for Men - 2009


It's that time again this year, the annual festival of giving and receiving. Regardless of why you celebrate the season, it is a great opportunity to explore some great gift ideas for your male friends and the other men in your life that like to travel.

This year, instead of organizing by price, we are going to organize the gift ideas based on types of gift ideas, including: Gadgets and Electronics, Bags, Packs and Travel Friendly Items, and Camping items. Additionally, we are partnering with a few other travel sites to help you cover everyone on your list this year!

Travel Gift Categories from Friends of Man Tripping:

Gadgets and Electronics:

Logitech Squeezbox Boombox with Slacker

Every mancation needs great tunes! That's why you need a Logitech Squeezebox Boom All-in-One Wi-Fi Internet Radio. This awesome device, combined with Slacker Internet radio brings great sound, access to thousands of songs from pretty much any genre and it is portable. All you need to do is connect it to a WiFi connection (which these days can be found anywhere from campsites to hotel rooms).

Nikon Camera D3000

It isn't good enough to just go on a trip, you need to bring back memories too! The Nikon D3000 10MP Digital SLR Camera is designed as an entry level DSLR camera to help bridge the gap between point-and-shoot cameras and high-end professional quality Digital SLR's. The D3000 has several features that allow it to suggest settings or you can let it make the tweaks to your shots all by itself.

Sansa SlotRadio To Go Music Player

So maybe your budget can't afford the nearly $300 for a Squeezbox Boom unit, but you still want to bring some great tunes with you. That's what the


If you are like me, anything that can help you locate lost keys or a wayward wallet after a night of partying is a huge help.Well, that's exactly what the FOFA® Find One Find All® Key Finder / Wallet Finder, Cell Phone Finder does. All you need to do is find one and you can find all of them. Simply put one fob on your key chain, another in your wallet, and they even have one that works with your glasses. Assign each unit its own number and then press that number on the fob you have and the other one will start beeping. In our tests, you need to be within about 4-5 feet, but it works great!

DXG-125 All-Weather, All-Terrain HD Camcorder

Depending on what your plans are, you probably want to be able to bring back memories and share them on YouTube and Facebook. Unfortunately most pocket camcorders are simply not designed to last under tough conditions like whitewater rafting, skiing, sailing, or even a day at the beach. The DXG-125VR HD 3.0 Megapixel All-Weather 720p HD Camcorder changes all that with its all-weather and shock resistant chassis. It is perfect for your next mancation no matter where you go! Oh yeah, and it also doubles as an MP3 player.

Kodak Zi8 1080p HD Pocket Camcorder

This is the camera that we selected to buy for Man Tripping. It is a great addition to our team, it looks cool, feels right in the hand, has a nice big play-back screen and has an external audio input. The Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera is pretty much the top of the line for pocket camcorders and the Man Tripping crew highly recommends the Kodak Zi8 over other pocket camcorders on the market. The Zi8 records at 720p, 720p at 60 frames / second, and also 1080p, has HDMI output, and pretty much any other feature you might want.

Bags, Packs, and Travel Friendly Items:

Traveling can be a pain these days with long lines at the air port, high gas prices, and rude people coughing and sneezing all over the place. We selected these gift ideas because they will help you and your friends have a better, more fun, and safer travel experience.

Targus Zip-Thru Laptop Case

The last thing you want to worry about when in the security check line at the airport is to fumble with taking your laptop out of your bag. That's why Targus designed their Zip-Thru line of bags and laptop cases. The Targus Zip-Thru 17-Inch Air Traveler Laptop Case would be a great addition to any traveler's ensemble.

Ivar Pack

Now that you have your laptop case all taken care of, its time to pick out a great backpack. The Ivar Revel Backpackis different from many other packs as it contains shelves that are designed to make it easier to sort things, rather than just throwing all your junk in a big bag and hoping for the best. This is also a great way to keep your wet towel away from your laptop, or your cords from being entangled with your lunch. Additionally, because of the way the weight is distributed, it is simply more comfortable on a long hike or a day exploring the city.

Soft Hugwear

Even us me deserve something special sometimes. After all, while it is great to go out in the forest and cut down trees or swing on a rope across the face of a mountain, it is nice to feel comfortable on a long trip too! Soft Hugwear's Travel Essentials Set includes a travel blanket, neck pillow, eye mask, and earplugs. While it is 100% polyester, it is some of the softest material that I have ever felt and would be a welcome companion for a long road trip or a cross country flight. Soft Hugwear's Travel Essentials Set is launching later this week on

Celly Smellys

In today's world, it isn't enough to just arrive at your destination safely. You also need to consider keeping your personal electronics clean and germ free. That's where the Celly Smellys Scented Cleaning Wipes for Personal Electronics comes in. Who wants to get sick on a mancation or worse - get sick before leaving! If you didn't know already, your cell phone is probably dirtier and home to more bacteria than the sole of your shoe or even a toilet seat, yet we hold them up to our face, touch them constantly and many of us also hold it in our mouth when we don't have a spare hand. Celly Smelly's are designed specifically for personal electronics to keep them clean and shiny and prevent the spread of bacteria. Even if you aren't concerned about getting sick, your cool new pocket camcorder or mobile phone deserves to stay nice and shiny!

Enfold Snorkel and Mask from Body Glove

An awesome snorkel and mask is no good if it isn't convenient to bring with you. That's why Body Glove created the Enfold Travel Combo. I was really shocked when I got my set as for the first time I can potentially bring my mask and snorkle on the plane without having to worry about space. These are absolutely going with me to Mexico next month!

Camping Gifts:

Camping gifts are perfect to give a friend any time of year.

Grizzly Spit Portable Rotisserie

When camping and cooking over an open fire wouldn't it be nice to be able to impress the guys and make a fantastic rotisserie chicken? That's exactly what the Grizzly Spit Portable Rotisserie is designed to do. The battery powered and compact rotisserie will let you perfectly cook that bird instead of being forced to endure those ugly scorch marks or have one side of the bird raw while the other side is black.

Coghlan's Magnesium Fire Starter

This summer I went camping four times, and it rained on each and every trip! Damp wood is no fun and often it makes starting a fire near impossible. Also, I personally love to make things bigger, better, hotter. I suspect this is true for many of you and so I have included this awesome Coghlan's Magnesium Fire Starter. Don't worry about damp wood or fumbling for matches or a lighter anymore. Just take your knife, carve off some shavings and ignite the magnesium. The resulting fire will burn at about 5,400 degrees and you'll have a great fire in no time.


FTC disclosure: some of these links may contain affiliate code that should you purchase the item, it will generate some income for Man Tripping. However, all of the items included in this gift guide were selected on their merits and editorial interest to you - our readers, and any affiliate link codes were applied after they were acepted into the guide. If you have any questions, concerns, or objections please let me know.