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Health Benefits of Sleep

Sleep is sometimes taken for granted. It's what happens naturally when you are tired and lay down in your bed. Or at least it should be and it's those times when rest doesn't come naturally that you start to think about why that is and what you can do about it.

Sleep repairs and restores the body and the mind, so it is an imperative of good health to get adequate sleep. Without it, we can't function at our best, and over time, lack of sleep can actually shorten our lives. So let's take a look at how sleep improves our lives.

More Energy

When you get an adequate amount of sleep, you can wake rested and ready to take on the day. Of course, that doesn't mean you'll be skipping your morning coffee, but it does mean that you might not want to murder the first person who talks to you before you have said coffee.

A Sharper Mind

Studies have shown that lack of sleep can dull the mind. Conversely, adequate sleep allows your mind to stay sharp and focused. Without a proper amount of sleep, you'll notice things like decreased reaction time, comprehension, and critical thinking skills, among other things.

Less Stress

One of the major health benefits of sleep is a reduction in stress. While the sleep itself doesn't directly influence the reduction, it does contribute to it. Think about it. How much more stressful is any given situation when you're exhausted. Proper sleep can mean the difference between a meltdown and simply shrugging it off.

A Body That Feels Better

Another of the major health benefits of sleep is its ability to repair the body. Adequate sleep can help you wake with less aches and pains after the previous day's physical exertion and decrease the likelihood that you'll be hurt because your body will have had plenty of time to repair itself during the night.

Increased Libido

Studies have shown that lack of sleep can drastically decrease the libido of some people.

Increased Productivity

Whether you work for a company or for yourself, increased productivity is always welcome. When your mind is properly rested you can accomplish more in less time and accomplish it well.

Better Personality

This is one of the health benefits of sleep rarely talked about, but it's so important. If you don't get enough sleep, you become a monster. Nobody wants to hang out with a monster, so get in your 40 winks.