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Jeep guide - picking the right top for your Wrangler

Off-road aftermarket parts retailer, ExtremeTerrain (XT) releases a video buyer’s guide to help Wrangler owners shop for tops. Hosted by XT’s Merideth Evasew, the video highlights 3 kinds of hardtops and 4 types of soft tops. Each top is shown installed on XT’s jeeps with availability for all generations on XT’s product pages.


The video begins with Merideth’s recommendations when shopping hardtops. The one-piece is her choice for a traditional squareback design that’s simple and cost-effective. The two-piece design with its removable front panel offers more in terms of flexibility. For a more aggressive look, improved aerodynamics, and handling, the fastback/slant back fits the bill. Moving on to choosing the best soft top, the selection is varied with everything from a complete replacement top to a bikini top or brief top. Merideth’s detailed breakdown of each of the hardtop and soft top options leaves viewers ready to navigate XT’s product pages with know-how.

XT’s new Jeep tops video clarifies what to look for when shopping for an aftermarket hardtop or soft top. The video is part of XT’s continuing efforts to educate their customers and help them make a purchase they will be satisfied with. Wrangler owners and enthusiasts are invited to check out the new How to Shop Tops video and subscribe to XT’s YouTube channel to stay in-the-know when new videos are released.