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How To Know When You Need To Buy A Larger Home

know when to buy a larger house

If you wonder whether it's time to move into a bigger space or stay in your current home for a little longer, there are signs to watch out for that will give you a conclusive answer.

There are many things to consider to facilitate a successful move. First, you should check the properties in your preferred locations, including HDB listings and estates that suit your family's needs. Here are the indicators that you should start looking for a bigger home soon.


Your Family is Growing

Do you feel squeezed in your current home? Probably when you bought it, you only had one or two children, but over the years, you've had more children and accommodated a family member such as an aging parent. Your kids may want some personal space, and so do you. 

Getting a more extensive home means everyone will be happier having personal space, and you can do more with the house. If you are expecting a new family addition, such as a baby, you might consider moving into a bigger home before the arrival. 

Also, as your kids grow, they may have different interests, and your home should accommodate this. They may have personal computers, pianos, or musical instruments, and they would want to exercise their hobbies without interrupting other family members.


The Market Looks Good

If currently, the housing market favors buyers, it makes sense to invest now. The property market is very dynamic, and if you don't take the opportunity when it comes, things might be different when you want to buy. 

For instance, homes were cheaper when the coronavirus epidemic was at its peak, but the prices have steadily gone up since December 2020. Those who took advantage of the low rates enjoyed more savings. Use online property comparison websites and property listings to know what's in the market and the cost.


Your Home is Cluttered

Having to fit in a smaller home leads to clutter. As your family grows, you pick belongings that pile over the years. It would help if you had more storage areas and personal space for the belongings. Less space means more clutter, but moving to a bigger home can help solve the storage needs and keep your home safer, orderly, and neat. 

If you also feel cramped in your current space, it's time to upsize. If the kids are sharing the bedrooms, they might want personal space when they grow up. You may also find you don't have enough rooms for everyone, and some members have to sleep in the living room or share beds. 

Have you been bumping into each other when going to the bathroom, the kids don't have enough playing space, or the living room looks cramped when everyone is around? Older kids will be thankful to have more room to themselves. They don't like being crowded, even sitting close to each other is an issue. 


You Can't Accommodate Home Upgrades

Do you want to buy a larger furniture piece but don't have enough space for that? Probably your family needs a gigantic TV for more entertainment or a larger sofa to accommodate everyone, but you don't have enough room. Moving to a bigger house can be the ideal solution.  


Your Preferences Have Changed

Maybe in your younger years, staying in a town apartment close to essential amenities and a walking distance to work was your ideal living arrangement, but this has changed. You may want a quieter environment, with fewer people and a yard to accommodate your gardening hobbies. Also, you may need a neighborhood change. 

A quiet, friendly area can drastically change over the years to a more populated and less secure place. Maybe in the past, your kids could play or ride their bikes on the streets, but there is no place for that anymore, making it risky for children to be out unattended. A more spacious home means more space for the young one's outdoor activities in a safe and confined area. 


You Can't Entertain Guests Properly

Every time you want to hold a birthday party, you have to look for a friend to host the event. You also can't have friends or family sleepovers or hold gatherings. If you wish you could have a bigger home so that you can entertain guests, then it's time to move. 

However, the bottom line is your financial capability. Can you afford a bigger home right away? Even if you sell your current house, you still have to top up to get enough for a new home. You will also spend more maintaining the larger house. Know how much you can afford, then check the available properties in your budget range. 

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