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How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Wife

how to pick the perfect christmas gift for your wife

Marriage is an experience that requires constant work. That includes listening as well as paying attention and making sure that your partner knows that she is the most important person in your life. One very good way to do this is to show her your love by selecting the perfect gift. No, I'm not suggesting that you have to go out to Tiffany's or buy her a new car. Love and marriage are about more than just money. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that will help her understand just how much you care about her.

If you are anything like most men, we know that it’s not easy to tell what your wife wants. We understand your dilemma, and so, we decided to present a perfect solution to your problem. We’ve spent countless hours researching and discussing what wives treasure the most. Below is a rundown of Christmas gift ideas. Take a look at these, and get your better half the best.

Flowers, Pillows Or Decorative Artwork

For most of us, Christmas is a relatively dark and cold time of year that we welcome heartily for its ability to light up the night and warm our bellies with song, food, and drink. However, being able to decorate the house is a good way to show her that you love her as well. This can be a challenging opportunity since you don't want to get something that is the wrong style. However, that is exactly the point of this type of gift since it shows just how much you pay attention to her. Look for pieces the complement her decorating style - for instance if she loves a nautical theme then look for pillows that match that or antique decorative pieces to put on the mantle. Flowers too can be a good option since you can select a perfect bouquet with the flowers she loves. For example, if you know she loves orange carnations then go for that and make sure to avoid flowers that she hates. While in the past I would encourage you to to to your local florist to construct a custom bouquet, there are plenty of options available including the Bouqs.com lets you buy flowers online and customize them to suit your wife’s preferences.


Nothing spells romance better than a piece of jewelry but don't fall into the trap of assuming you need to spend thousands of dollars ... unless that's what she expects. In fact, jewelry tops the list of Christmas gifts for wives perhaps because no lady can say no one. Besides enhancing her beauty and making her look more beautiful, the right jewelry offers her a special keepsake to add to her jewelry box. As a result, she will live to forever cherish the gift as one of the best Christmas gifts for the rest of her life. So, get her that delicate gold necklace and fill her heart with happiness. If that’s not what makes her heart melt. Go for diamonds. These represent the strength of your union, and she’ll think of you every day she wears it.

Photo Collage Of Cherished Moments

The Christmas season presents an excellent opportunity to walk her down memory lane. With a perfect photo collage, you’ll be able to repaint memories of some of the best moments you’ve had throughout the year. So, get her that photo collage and ensure that all memories closest to her heart are featured in there. Ideally, you can include fun and candid snapshots from a special day or anything from your wedding day, especially if it happened within the year. Doing this will animate her heart and remind her how much you just care.

Wine Or Food Gifts From Favorite Destinations 

Gifts of food and wine are another great option for gifts for your wife. In fact, this is one of my favorite gift ideas since it is something that not only did you guys enjoy sharing together in the past ... but now it is something you can share again. Gifting is about memories and emotion more so than it is just about giving stuff to each other. Think back through your recent trips and experiences together. Did you have a romantic getaway to New York City and enjoy eating pastrami sandwiches from a deli? Or maybe it was a favorite wine that you had while exploring Fredericksburg, Texas. There are plenty of places where you can order these online and win plenty of extra bonus points because of how thoughtful you were.

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