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painting the walls is an easy home decor diy idea

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting something you can’t afford, and the same goes for your home. If your home is in need of a renovation and you don’t have much money to spare, what can you do about it? You have two options here. Firstly, you could wait for your money to build up so that you can renovate your home, or, you could redecorate in the most inexpensive way possible. Not sure how to achieve this? Check out these wonderful inexpensive decor ideas for 2021!

Upcycle, Don’t Replace

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that for something to look good, it needs to be newer. This is totally wrong! If your furnishings work perfectly fine but are just in need of a bit of refreshing, try upcycling rather than replacing them. For example, an old wardrobe can be upcycled by replacing the doors with a fabric curtain, or by repainting it and replacing the door handles. Before throwing anything away, try and think about how you could repurpose it not only to save money, but to reduce the amount of waste you’re sending to landfill too! You may even be able to turn a piece of unwanted furniture into something useful, such as a baby’s crib or a shelving unit.

Inexpensive Floor replacement

Replacing your floors can be extremely expensive, and if you’ve got no choice but to do so - if there are holes or tripping hazards on your flooring - then you might be feeling like you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket. However, no matter where your house is located the go-to inexpensive option is almost always Laminate Flooring. Unlike some materials, Laminate Flooring is almost universal. The appeal here is that it can be durable as well as far cheaper to both purchase and install compared to more expensive options such as hardwood flooring or ceramic tile, all while still looking high class and on-trend.

Refresh With a Lick Of Paint

Paint can do wonders for tired and old looking furniture, and it can do the same in other areas too! Try repainting your rooms to make them look brighter and cleaner! You can also use paint on other surfaces such as your kitchen cupboards and front door. Refresh your kitchen without having to spend more than a tin of paint and a little bit of time by freshening up your kitchen cupboards.

 As you can see, there are a plethora of ways in which you can save money when redecorating your home! Save some money in 2021 with these ideas!