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Is It Medical Malpractice - Or Just a Bad Day at the Hospital

understanding medical malpractice

Medicine is a complex industry and unfortunately, "sometimes these things happen". As horrible as it might be to consider, sometimes a diagnosis is wrong, a finger slips, or even a machine that didn't function properly. Medical practioners aren't perfect and medicine isn't an exact science. That's why we have medical malpractice lawsuits and attorneys ready to defend your interests. While these defenders are an important part of the system, not everything that goes wrong is immediately malpractice.

New frontiers present new challenges. Trying a new diet is exciting but we must also watch out for this shift in our food intake and how well our system reacts to the food that we eat. The same can be said whenever we go on an adventure to new places. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. The more dangerous the challenge, the sweeter the reward. 

But there are cases wherein the costs of an activity take a huge toll on the body. Such setups can lead to accidents and injuries that require medical attention. But even the provision of medical care is not free from risks, as the lawyers at seattlemalpracticelawyers.com are very familiar with. To give you an insight on some malpractice lawsuits that are quite common among men who take on new challenges, here are a few:

Inaccurate diagnosis

Almost one third of all malpractice lawsuits are because of inaccurate diagnoses. Doctors are trained professionals and they follow strict medical procedure in order to point out our precise ailment, which will eventually become the basis of treatment. You must therefore be aware of how accurate your diagnosis is as you go on to treatment. There might be side effects while undergoing a procedure or worse, you’re being treated for the wrong ailment. It’s always better to be careful in these situations.

Injury while in treatment

As much as we want to avoid side effects, the likelihood of them occurring during treatment is fairly common. Some side effects even become too noticeable to be ignored, and they might require another form of treatment. It is therefore important to make sure that we don’t encounter any form of injury that might impede the speed of our recovery. We are adventurous after all, and the longer we rest, the more we feel stagnant.

Inaccurate documents

Who likes paperwork? Nobody.  But it is inevitable. Neither you nor your doctor likes paperwork but nevertheless we have to be as accurate as possible when writing up an important report. Your attending medical physician should be up to the point during the writing of your medical documents to ensure their accuracy and confidentiality. The last thing you need is an inaccurate or unclear diagnosis that might lead to the wrong treatment. 


Getting medical care is surely not without risks. But we just have to be very mindful of things in order for us to keep ourselves safe. After all, adventures will not wait for us, so we should make sure we get the best care to get back out there quickly.

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