Niki Belle on a Boat

It's no mystery why I love my Niki Belle - she's my dog and we've had some great adventures. I was fortunate that she loves car rides and enjoys exploring as much (maybe even more so!) than Heather and I.

No we are about to set off on our greatest adventure ever - searching to the answers to solve the case of the Bargain Bandit. 

codeword purina

Luckily, the case is no solved and we've found a great deal at PetSmart on participating Purina® products! You can get a $10 gift card in the mail when you spend $40 on participating Purina® products in a single transaction June 1-30 and then upload your receipt to claim your reward. Receipt must be uploaded by 07/09/2017. If your dog (or cat) loves Purina® as much as Niki Belle does then you can even redeem this offer multiple times! 

Participating Purina® products include: 


Purina® Dog Chow®

Purina® Beneful®

Purina ONE®

Purina® Bella Small Dog Food


Purina® Muse

Purina ONE

Purina® TIDY CATS® Litter

Cat Treats:

Purina® Friskies® Party Mix

Dog Treats:

Purina® Beggin’


We searched high and low to solve the mystery - our first stop was a visit to a resort in Las Vegas where they have great pet room service ... but no Purina®.

niki belle in the pool

Then we went swimming at a resort in the California Desert and while it was relaxing ... Niki Belle was still hungry since we couldn't find it there either!

time for a quick nap

Ok, time for a nap ... all this searching for the Bargain Bandit is tough work!

niki bar in san diego copy

OK, it's party time - Niki is wide awake and back on the case patrolling the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, but while there were plenty of treats and belly rubs from friendly valets we still couldn't solve the case.

niki eating

Time for a snack!

niki halloween bee

Maybe if I disguise myself I can sneak up on the Bargain Bandit and nab him! (Nope, she too cute to be inconspicuous.)

giant bone at petsmart

Then we had an idea ... maybe the Purina is hiding at PetSmart! So we went there to search for it.

purina at petsmart

Jack Pot! We found tons of Purina products across all their different categories and managed to nab the Bargain Bandit, so everyone was happy. 

With the mystery solved, it was time to return home and take a long nap after Niki Belle filled her belly and got a good girl treat!

purina beggin

For more information about Purina and the Bargain Bandit from other bloggers, make sure to visit the official campaign website. You can also share your own stories on social media using the hashtag: #PurinaMysteries. 

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