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Laundry Myths to Wash Away Right Now

Laundry Myths that guys should never believe

Unfortunately, fake news and misconceptions are a common part of life nowadays. Something is said and along the way and it gets misconstrued and altered to the point where it’s ingrained in society. As you might have guessed by the headline, laundry is no different when it comes to myths that have stuck around for ages. Here, too, are a lot of falsehoods that need to be rectified. So, these are the top five laundry myths that we’ll bust.

Women Are Better At Laundry Than Men

Ok, let's just get this one out of the way early on ... yes ... the typical man might not be as good with laundry duties as the typical woman ... but that's because most of us never learned the right way. That's why we put together this piece. Guys, we need to step up and help out ... just like you love it when your partner helps out with chores you typically do, let's share the burden. Plus ... when you realize how tough that ketchup or grease stain is to remove, maybe we'll be more careful next time we pick up that juicy delicious burger!

More Detergent Means Cleaner Clothes

Detergent manufacturers have guidelines for a reason. Depending on the size of the washing load, the product will always state how much to use, no matter whether it’s liquid or powder. You’ve also got laundry pods if you prefer things really simple, as these are already pre-measured. Too much detergent can actually result in excessive suds, which the water can’t rinse properly. This usually causes weird stains on your clothing and is bad for your washing machine as well.

Rub a Stain Out Of Your Clothing

This is a bad idea. If you spill a delicious cup of coffee on your shirt, then don’t rub vigorously at the stain with a cloth, as it could force the stain deeper into the fabric and make it harder to wash out. Ideally, take off the shirt and place it under cold water from a tap, as this flushes out the stain. If this isn’t possible, get a slightly wet paper towel or cloth and dab gently to soak up the stain. You can also pre-treat the stain with commercial products or with a bit of liquid detergent and rubbing softly. Try to place it in a washing machine as soon as possible if the stain doesn’t come out.

Squeeze In Every Last Piece Of Clothing Into The Washing Machine

It’s tempting to push every dirty sock and T-shirt into your washing machine in order to do less washes, but your washing machine actually needs a bit of space to work effectively. It’s better to do your laundry in stages, anyway, so wash colors, whites, and linens and towels separately. If you pack in everything, the detergent will likely not wash out properly and you could ruin your laundry. Even if it’s a pain, do two washes and save your clothing.

Hot Water Is The Only Way To Get Laundry Clean

There’s been a big cold water movement in recent years, in fact, many people believe it’s just as good as hot water and better for clothing. It takes a lot of energy to heat up water for your washing machine and warmer temperatures can often make stains worse. Detergents break down in cold water just fine, so your clothes will still be washed thoroughly.

Cleaning A Washing Machine Isn’t Necessary

It might seem weird that you need a clean something that has soap and water running through it all the time, but washing machines can build up odors, mildew, and even nastier things if you’re not careful. Many newer machines have self-cleaning modes, but if you want to be safe, place two cups of white vinegar into the drum and run a short wash (without any clothes, obviously). This helps to clean the washing machine and remove any bad smells.

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