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Life happens, but you can keep going . That's something I wish I had better understood when I was younger. The reality is no matter how much you plan and prepare that stuff will happen that tries to derail you from whatever it is you thought you were supposed to do. Some of us are better than others at "rolling with the punches" but unfortunately - life happens. I've experienced that numerous times over the past 40 years and what I've discovered is that it will continue to happen. What's more important is how you recover and that's the message behind the folks at Lexington Law Firm. While they can't rebuild your house after a storm or make you healthy again what they can do is help you recover your credit so you can move on with life and tackle the next adventure.

Some of you may know that we're in the process of leaving California. It's simply too expensive to live here and the gulf coast of Florida is calling my name. Specifically we're looking at Pensacola. The beautiful sugar white sand and turquoise water with friendly people and a vibrant community is exciting to consider. Living in a place like this is a dream for most people and it's not an easy transition to make. While there are expenses involved in moving, there's also the need to start new financial relationships with landlords and utilities. Those are battles we fought in California and we're going to have to start over again in a new state. Luckily, my credit is better now than it was six years ago and that makes things easier and cheaper for establishing property loans, rental agreements, and utility contracts.

I've personally faced many challenges in life from unexpected medical bills costing tens of thousands of dollars to a house that declined in value so far that we lost more than $100,000 in value because we needed to sell due to a job change. Life will continue throwing challenges at us and while I've made plenty of self inflicted mistakes, sometimes there's nothing you can do about it. For instance - on one particular medical situation - at the end of weeks of care the neurologist shrugs and says, "well sometimes these things happen". That's life and there's nothing you can do about it . Unfortunately those instances often times have longer term financial consequences and you make mistakes in the chaos of the moment. Those mistakes can cause you to have errors and make misjudgments on how to resolve issues that cause your credit score to not reflect your true value to a potential financial partner.

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That's where a firm like Lexington Law Firm can step in and help. They are the oldest and most respected name in credit repair and are able to combine both technology and legal experience to dispute inaccurate items on credit reports. Unlike some similar services, they are able to do this with both the big credit bureaus as well as individual creditors to help make sure that your record is accurate. They also focus on making sure that they are as customer service focused as possible and while a "law firm" might seem intimidating to work with, they have a proprietary app that provides consumers access to their services with real time solutions to provide the information that people like you and I need to feel comfortable and get the job done!

The credit repair industry has grown 10x in the past few years and it's confusing as to what's real and what's not. There are a lot of services that are trying to prey on those that don't know better and are simply scared and frustrated due to finding themselves unable to buy a home, lease a car, or get a loan to pay for medical procedures. That's why I really like the folks at Lexington Law Firm. They encourage clients to be educated and focus on transparency without claiming that they can do stuff that is impossible.

Every year millions of Americans are denied loans based on their credit reports and while there are often genuine causes. Almost all of us also have errors that lead to the scores being calculated wrong. That's where Lexington Law Firm can come in. They go through your record and find items where you might have settled the debt but perhaps that resolution wasn't communicated to the other credit bureaus.

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In the case of medical bills like I had, I found myself with bills not just to the hospital - but also to ambulance services, individual specialists, medical equipment companies, pharmacies, external diagnostic firms and more. With the stress of a major medical situation like that it was virtually impossible for me to manage all of those bills and prevent some from going past due. Ultimately everything was resolved though and today I'm healthy and happy again. However in that process I found lingering issues where an overdue payment to an ambulance service wasn't communicated back to the credit bureau. I also fought for months over inaccuracies in the medical bills and in that process some were reported incorrectly as being past due. That's the sort of help and guidance that having a credit repair professional on your side can provide.

Today though, I'm happy to be back on my feet and toes in the sand. We're prepared to make this move and I know if things go sideways again, this time I'll have a partner to help me recover!