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Long Distance Relationship? Here's Ways To Tell Her I Love You

she will love one of these remote gifts for long distance relationships

While some of us are lucky to be in a relationship and living with the person, others have been separated by COVID with partners stuck in other parts of the country or even the world. Traveling for some might be a risk worth taking but for others, here are some ways that you can still let her know you love her.

A romantic gift from time to time goes a long way, so if you want to keep your partner happy, it’s a good one to remember. Being romantic is all about getting to know your partner and what they like. If you can’t think of the ideal present, all you have to do is listen and they’ll probably drop a hint anyway. Whatever it is, a small romantic gesture will always be appreciated and you’ll end up with a happy girlfriend who’ll be more inclined to let you go on boys’ nights out and mancations. Here are seven romantic gift ideas to make her feel special.

Fresh Flowers Delivery Across The Country or Around The World

There’s a reason they’re a classic. Flowers work well on any occasion really and no matter where you are from Australia to Gabon, you can get her some fresh flowers for birthday or just as a random surprise. There’s also in style at the moment and great for brightening up your home. Another great thing about flowers is that you can choose how much you spend. You can get a fairly decent bouquet without breaking the bank. Leave them in the house as a surprise or send them to her to make it even more romantic.

Another great thing about choosing to send flowers to your loved one is that you can choose how much you spend. You can get a fairly decent bouquet without breaking the bank. Leave them in the house as a surprise or send them to her to make it even more romantic.

A Luxury Hamper - Or Some Other Regional Treats

A luxury hamper might mean nothing to Americans but if you are in the UK and your lady is stuck in the US, this might be a fun way to tell her you love her. Regional gifts like this make for a good idea for a present because she’ll probably share it with you. It’s a perfect way to enjoy an evening together. You could choose a small selection of sweets from her favorite bakery, or have one made at a high-end farmers’ market. Make sure you fill it with her favorite foods and drinks. This is another kind of gift that’s flexible price-wise, you can decide how luxury you want to go. 

Bathtub Treats

For a relaxing treat, you could look into getting her some bathtub accessories, such as this great bamboo bathtub tray. It has compartments for everything, her glass, her book, a candle, you can really turn the tub into a luxury spa. This is a good idea for a romantic gift if you’ve got a fairly low budget. You could even just get her a selection of luxury bath bombs and bubble baths. Gifts like this are usually pretty easy to send internationally as well as just across the United States to your loved one.

Spa Day At Home

Following on from the bathtub idea why not go all out and recreate a spa day at home? This could even be something you both could enjoy. You can set up music and candles, after giving your bathroom a proper clean of course, and create your very own spa. It’s totally up to you if you want to join in or leave her to it, but there are tons of spa treatments you can recreate at home, such as facials or massage.

DIY gifts

 If you think you’re up to the challenge you could even DIY your own gift. Handmade gifts always carry the most sentimental value and are probably the most romantic of all. If you have crafty talents then this is one for you. Here are some ideas for handmade gifts for her. It doesn’t necessarily need to be arts and crafts you could even cook her a nice meal or bake a cake. You could print out photos of you together and put them in a nice frame or album, there are plenty of options that won’t require artist talents. As long as you put the effort in, she will really appreciate it and it will make her feel special. You’ll definitely notice the difference. 

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