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Noopl Is A Great Option For People Who Need Help Hearing In Noisy Places

Noopl app on phone

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Challenges related to hearing can be embarrassing for some and while hearing aids are a medical device requiring a specialist to diagnose and tune, there are devices out there that anyone can purchase that will help you understand conversations in busy, noisy places better than you can with your ears alone.

We tried out one such device, Noopl, that is designed to work with your iPhone and were impressed with how effective and discrete it was.

As we get older, sometimes we lose the ability to sort out important noises, such as voices, and background sounds such as those you might find at a bar, a business meeting, or even a family picnic with people running around and playing in the backyard. That’s where Noopl comes in and helps sort things out. The device attaches to your iPhone and can use Airpods Pro for dynamic head tracking to sense where you are looking and focus on those directional inputs to help bring the important sounds to you.

testing noopl in a busy bar

One of the things that I really liked about Noopl when we tested it out was that while there is an attachment to the bottom of your phone, for the most part it looks as if you are simply wearing normal AirPods Pro devices as you might if you were simply listening to music. Eroding the stigma of hearing loss is essential to help get people willing to try something that can improve their lives and Noopl does that well.

This isn’t something to take lightly. While a lot of husbands might joke about “I heard you but I wasn’t listening” or that they have “selective hearing,” the reality is this is an important thing to talk about.

Not being able to hear properly can negatively impact your relationship with your partner and family. For instance, imagine if you thought your wife wanted chocolate ice cream but she really wanted chocolate covered espresso beans. It can also be an important challenge to overcome at work as well where frankly there’s a lot less leniency for errors and misunderstandings.

This is what Noopl is focused on, “capturing the nuances of every conversation to add clarity and vibrancy to our lives.” They promise that you’ll be completely satisfied and offer a 90-day money back guarantee as well as a one-year warranty.

noopl case dongle closeup

Noopl is priced at $199.00 for the hardware and case, plus you will need AirPods Pro to unlock the full capabilities of directional sound detection. However, you can also use other earbuds that have a closed back to isolate external noise and also support ANC to further eliminate outside noise. This helps to ensure that the sound being delivered to your ears by Noopl’s technology is as focused as possible.

You will also need to install the Noopl app from the App Store and get a subscription to fully unlock all of the features.

While Noopl is currently only available for iPhone, the developers are working on an Android version as well so that makes us very happy to hear.

For more information about Noopl, please visit their website.

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