It's that time of year again - friends and family gather and according to Rockwellian lithographs everything is supposed to be full of joy and excitement. I'm here to state the obvious ... that's all a bunch of BS created by marketers to put people in the mood to buy more stuff! At the end of the day, while family is fun it's often best to do Thanksgiving out at a restaurant and the just go somewhere else to watch the games. 

I've been married more than 10 years at this point and I've learned a lot. Heather and I were among the first of our friends to get married and wow things have changed a lot since then. Advertising focuses on how the ring defines the woman or empowers her or shows her your love. Even their websites feature women's rings above men's. So when Heather selected my wedding band it was her choice among very few options. Even if there were options I frankly was never prepared to communicate my desired design the way she was with hers.

The search for the perfect shave is a journey that virtually every guy I know has undertaken at one point in his life. Whether straight blade, disposable, rotary, or foil shaver, everyone has a different preference but one thing I think we can all agree on is that it's a challenge to balance that "rough look" with looking good. That's the sweet spot that Panasonic's latest offering hits and does well.

We haven't really given Toyota as much love on here as we probably should but when I look at where the industry is today we certainly owe a lot to them for the Toyota Production System and it's impact on not just their amazing success - but the auto industry as a whole. What I hadn't understood until my trip to SEMA last week was how the company is actively applying the fundamentals of their system to other businesses and non-profits as diverse as medical clinics and buffalo preserves.

Part of the excitement of the upcoming football season is to take a look at which new players will become stars or at least draw attention during their rookie season. Although most rookies added to the NFL rosters are usually warming the bench, every year a few get attention or become young stars. From offensive players who are scoring major yards to a defensive addition that completely changes the game, these rookies are scoring big on and off the field. Take a look at the best NFL rookies taking the field this year.