Creating a space that is "our own" is the dream of pretty much every guy shortly after they get married or move in with the partner of their dreams. This isn't a new tradition but as the roles of men in the house have become blurred from what they might have been for our fathers, this trend is even more important. Your man cave is a safe place where you can just relax and be yourself without bothering anyone. While it's good enough for many guys to simply hang out in the garage and relax on a couch that you've salvaged from the curb, while playing video games on an old TV - we can do better and Best Buy wants to help us shine.

As you get older you discover that there's a lot of BS that simply isn't worth freaking out about. All those little annoyances don't really matter compared to simple pleasures like a clean shave, a sunset, or a kiss from someone special to you. I sort of wish I had that advice when I was younger - or more correctly, that I had listened to those older guys who tried to share their wisdom with me. The reality is that daily life is full of situations that are designed to trip you up.

Everyone faces these challenges but it's those of us that deal with it effectively that manage to succeed in life and get the girl ... car ... house ... or whatever it is you strive to achieve.

A few weeks ago we shared the story of an alligator wrangler, but today we have the story what it's like to be a truck driver. In fact though, this isn't your everyday truck driver, Shannon NeSmith is a female truck driver!

As you can imagine, this isn't an easy job but she shares the good and the bad in the video below that is part of the Kronos American Worker Campaign.

California is an amazing state with some of the best and brightest people in the entire world that live here. Unfortunately that same great weather and beautiful landscape that attracts those people can sometimes turn on us and right now the state is in a historical drought that is causing lawns to dry up, toilets to be flushed less often and communities to work hard to conserve what water they can.

If you're looking for a rocket for a great price then you really can't beat the 2015 Genesis Coupe. It's an interesting beast since it shares it's name with a phenomenal luxury sedan that we're going to be checking out in a few weeks, but it is all about sports performance.