It's summer and that means that it's time for road trips. Before you head out though, you need to make sure your tires are ready for the trip! From climbing mountain trails to flying across the desert or even just stop-and-go traffic on the way to soccer practice, a good set of tires is key to your piece of mind this summer. There are a lot of options out there for places that you can go to get new tires and sometimes that only adds to the confusion. Here's five reasons why Sam's Club is a great place to shop for your new tires this summer!

Ok, so we don't all work for some rich guy who let's us borrow his Ferrari convertible whenever we want. However, we can still have that dream.

There is nothing quite like a warm, breezy summer afternoon to make you wish for the wind in your hair as you drive through the city streets or back roads on the way to the beach. Convertibles are made for summertime and they are surprisingly affordable if you know where to look, so there is no better season to invest in a drop-top dream car. This year, you can indulge your fantasies without breaking the bank by buying any of the following seven especially affordable — yet still supremely satisfying — convertibles. (Hint - Magnum's Ferrari 308 isn't on this list!)

Raise your hand if you'll be taking a road trip this year. Probably most of you reading are planning a trip with the family or maybe out with the guys and you've likely thought about the importance of checking your oil before you go but it's also critical to consider the part that actually keeps you on the road and safely between the lines. Yup, that's right - I'm talking about your tires!

eBay has always been a destination for those looking for uniquely cool stuff at a great price. Almost since they launched in 1995 I've been a fan, but they've now taken things up a notch and created eBay Deals where they feature daily deals on everything from technology to home items. While there are a lot of great sites out there that provide similar services the thing I like about shopping here with eBay deals is that it isn't the "only" choice - it is an extension to an already great shopping experience. 

For instance, when I visit the site to look for cool tech gadgets or something like a new computer monitor I can check the eBay deals in addition to the buy now and bids. This gives me the freedom to discover new products and make the decision between brand and price. Though frankly from looking at the deals available right now there are some fantastic brand names including Apple, Samsung, Black & Decker, Dell and Lenovo, so you won't have to worry about only finding some knockoff brands you've never heard of.

Like many men, I dream about one day creating the ultimate mancave gameroom and eBay is a great place to shop, so I've created a guide to the "Top 10 Items For the Ultimate Mancave" to provide some pointers. While this is NOT a cheap undertaking, the beauty of eBay is that you can find unique items like antique glassware or neon signs as well as great deals on things like speakers, movies, video games, tablets, and video game accessories.

In case you missed it, today Carnival changed their policy and is now forbidding people from bringing water onto the ships and instead making people buy it from them or drink the tap water.

Thankfully though, there's an awesome product that I'll be taking with me the next time I cruise and that's the Zero Water Tumbler. For the past week or so I've been testing it out using San Diego tap water and it's been producing the same high quality of filtration that I experience in the full-sized pitchers but it is portable and convenient. Even if you don't cruise, this is a great item to keep with you in your backpack since you really shouldn't be using bottled water anyhow since it is pretty bad for the environment.