Hey guys, sleep is important and frankly this post may not be the best work I've ever done because my BED is tired ... and that makes me cranky too. A few years ago I decided to ditch springs and was then blown away by how expensive the bed I "wanted" actually was. Instead of saving up a few months, my wife and I went with a no-name mattress from Chinese company. The bed was only $500 but wow, that's about all it was worth! The folks at Nodical Bed have been building foam products for about 60 years and they have been observing the industry, looking for just the right time to jump in and help change the market by delivering exceptional high quality mattresses at a relatively affordable price.

What's even better is that to celebrate the launch of Nodical Bed they are giving three of them away!

The other day I was introduced to a new site called ProOpinion where they have tons of information about business as well as information about jobs and the economy. ProOpinion also offers members a variety of different ways to help shape the information contained on the site by participating in surveys in exchange for rewards including gift cards. I know not all of you run your own businesses but this site seems like a great source of information to help you get ahead in your career, negotiate better deals, and be a better interviewer too.

As a life-long golfer, I have learned there are no quick fixes to one's golf game. It comes with years of consistent practice and play. Right away I was glad to see that the advertising of SensoGlove was not misleading by making claims the product could instantly improve your golf game as many other products do. However, I was a bit skeptical about its claims of instantly correcting your grip. I decided to try it out for myself!

I travel a lot! Regardless if it is a long vacation or short day trip, one thing that is constant - I am concerned about my loft when I'm not home. While I trust my neighbors and management company, the reality is that other people have keys to my home and I've always wondered if they came in and visited while we were away. Similarly, I think virtually every doggie daddy has wondered what our fur babies do while we are gone.

So, for the past 3 weeks I've been testing Arlo out to answer some of those questions ...

I'll admit - I am a sucker for checking out gadgets. Most times though, no matter how cool the idea sounds it simply doesn't work out as advertised. This is NOT one of those times. The T-Fal OptiGrill is simply an amazing and it is the ultimate mealtime gadget for guys. I'm sure that you can cook veggies on here, but this is about meat - hamburger patties, chicken, sausage, fish, steaks - it does it all and cooks it perfectly.

I remember having a "George Forman" grill back in college. It was good but it's use was mostly limited to cooking up burgers and you really had to just guess if something was done. Plus, cleanup was a mess so I never used it as much as I had planned to.

Optigrill is the logical evolution of all the great things which that grill promised and I have used it almost every day for the past few weeks since i got it for this review.