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Protect Your Home With Door and Window Sensors

tips to protect your home with door and window sensors

Making your house beautiful is easy. Keeping it safe is an entirely different story. Installing a home security system is no longer an option nowadays; it’s a necessity. And perhaps, the most important part of a home security system is the door and window system. This system exists to deter burglars and to alert if someone enters the house when it’s armed. Having door and window sensors protect the possible entry points of burglars, especially in the front door where they are most likely to enter.

If the security system is armed, an alarm rings if someone opens the door or window without properly disarming it. Some companies offer home security systems where you can be notified if someone breaks in your house through the alarm.com app. In the app, you can view whatever happens in your house right at that moment that is captured by the cameras you set up at home.

The features of this system will only work when it detects an intrusion from the window and door sensors. They work together to keep you and your family away from harm.

Of all the entry points in your house, where should you put the door and window sensors?

Every door and window in your house is a possible break-in point. That is why it is only right that you put these sensors in your front and back door, garage door, and every window there is in your house. If your house has a basement with windows, make sure you cover the windows well as they are also vulnerable to burglars.

However, doors and windows that are located in the second and third floor of the house are less attractive for break-ins since they are not so accessible. Although you still have to make sure they are always locked since they can still be accessible if there is a deck or stairs near them.

Also, you may try installing a sensor that will detect if a glass is broken. This will alert the control panel of the security system if the windows are broken upon a break-in, which rings the alarm.

How do these sensors work?

Door and window sensors are two different things that serve the same purpose--to alert the homeowners in case of break-ins. Normally, these come in two pieces. These small sensors are placed somewhere in the area of the door and the windows. Some sensors do not need any extra additional tool for them to be installed. The heavy adhesive helps keep these sensors in the place where you put them. If you like, they can be put on by a screw on the frame of the door directly or somewhere near the window itself--although these are not necessary. Place the two pieces beside each other as they interact when someone moves the door or the window. Some sensors use heatwave and magnetic forces in detecting movement.

When the door separates from the frame, that’s when it sends a signal to the control panel to trigger the alarm. When the panel detects anything unusual inside the house, it will inform the house owner right away. When someone breaks inside your house, this system contacts the authorities right away to send help.

How Can a Home Security System Increase the Value of Your Home?

A neighborhood with the best home security system installed upholds safety and creates a more desirable place to live in, especially when some homes in the block is up for sale. Here are some of the ways how installing a smart home security system can increase the value of a home:

1. Get Discounts for Home Insurance

Insurance companies find security systems a valuable inclusion in your home. Therefore, some companies offer up to 20% discount on your monthly payment when you have premiums when you have one installed. Since discounts in insurances are competitive, many would be willing to offer you a huge amount off by merely adding one in your house. Aside from making sure your house is safe from burglars, you can also benefit from the discounts these insurance companies offer. Contact an agent to know what you can avail and how huge is the price cut that they can offer.

2. You Have Peace of Mind

Having a security system installed in your house not only adds value financially but also in your everyday life. Having this around can make you feel safe and secure when you know something is installed that will alert emergency respondents and send help when anything goes wrong. It’s as if someone is watching the house for you when you and your family are away. And because we are now advance when it comes to technology, other security systems give you the liberty of watching a live feed through the camera from any of your devices that with data or wifi.

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