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Sobriety Has Significant Physical and Emotional Benefits

health benefits of sobriety

Complete sobriety isn't something most of you are probably looking for but the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of sober living can't be denied. Despite this, we believe that consumption of alcohol or other substances in moderate amounts can be enjoyable as well as providing health benefits. Unfortunately, sometimes that consumption can turn into a challenge to control and that's something we should all be aware of.

Have you or someone you know struggled with addiction or alcoholism in the past? Committing to sobriety offers you the best chance possible to live your healthiest and happiest life.

When you achieve sobriety through an individual rehabilitation program or one like Couples Rehabs, you will have more energy, think more clearly, and sleep better. What’s even better is that sober people don’t damage their bodies each day, and they aren’t waking up and having to deal with withdrawal and hangovers.

Maintaining sobriety isn’t easy. Some benefits will be noticeable right away, and others will take time. If you are dealing with a substance abuse problem, you may go through some physical withdrawal symptoms at first; however, the benefits offered by sobriety will outweigh these negative side effects.


Improved Health

This issue is obvious. No longer are you filling your body up with empty calories from the alcohol you drink. Because of this, your health will significantly improve. Some people may lose weight and lower their blood pressure. Once sober, you may want to begin exercising, which will help you mentally and physically become stronger. The positive health changes that occur in your first year of sobriety are impressive.


More Money

Consider how much money you have spent each day on your addiction. Once you determine the number, multiply it by 30. This is approximately what you will spend in a month. Now that you are over your addiction, you can begin saving this money each month. You will likely be amazed at how much money you can save when you are no longer funding your addiction. 


Improved Relationships

As an addict, you have likely hurt a lot of people while trapped in your addiction. Once you get sober, you will likely feel the guilt of this pain you caused. This is your opportunity to make it right. 

By taking time and putting effort into making amends to family and friends, you can rebuild the strong relationships you once had. Rebuilding trust is a great feeling and something you will likely want to try and achieve once you are sober.


Reduced Feelings of Depression and Anxiety

Do you want to live a happy life? If so, the first step is to get sober. This significant change impacts your emotional and mental state greatly.

What some people don’t realize is that drugs and alcohol are depressants. Some individuals may believe that they are dealing with their depression by using drugs or drinking; however when they stop, the feelings of depression often go away with the renewed sense of purpose and joy for living. Reduced feelings of depression are a huge benefit of sober living.

Similar to depression, drugs and alcohol can cause your anxiety to worsen. Many people don’t realize this because they may use drugs and alcohol to deal with anxiety.

Once you are sober and with support from professionals, you may find you experience lessened feelings of anxiety and depression.


Improved Energy Levels

When you get sober, you may begin dealing with restless energy. You want to be doing something at all times, regardless of if it is working, exercising, cleaning, or something else. While your energy levels will even out eventually, this increase in energy may be a welcome change for you. 

If you have recently become sober, you may find you have more energy and an increase in productivity. This is another positive aspect of sobriety.


Improved Sleep

Consider your sleep patterns when you were still using and drinking. Chances are, you dealt with interrupted and restless sleep. Alcohol can impact REM sleep, which is the deep sleep that everyone needs to function properly.

A huge benefit of sobriety is the ability to sleep more soundly. You will find it is easier to fall asleep naturally, remain asleep, and wake up without the use of chemicals. Also, hangovers will be a thing of the past.

Improved Appearance

When someone is deep into drug and alcohol addiction, their personal hygiene may go out the window. In most cases, these people aren’t worried about brushing their teeth or taking showers each day.

However, when you are sober, you will take much better care of yourself. This results in an improved appearance. You may lose or gain weight (depending on your needs) and develop a clearer complexion. Also, when you look good, you will start to feel good about yourself, too.

When it comes to sobriety, there’s no question there are more than a few benefits. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to understand what could happen to you, and the health and wellness benefits you could see when you are fully sober. Knowing what these benefits are will help you see why making this change is such a good idea. Don’t take your sobriety for granted; it is a huge gift.

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