Our Favorite Stocking Stuffer Gifts For Guys

Stocking stuffer gifts for guys and men including this Travel Putter Golf Set.

Looking for some fun stocking stuffer gifts for guys? I'm talking about going beyond the simple candy and lottery ticket ideas and instead picking some cheap fun gift items that guys will love. Let's take a look at some of our favorites ...

Travel Golf Putter Set

This Travel Putter Set is the perfect stocking stuffer for any guy on your list that loves golf. It comes complete with a collapsable putter, two balls, and a hole to aim for. You can set this up in your office at work or even a hotel room while on the road. 

bottle cap shooter opener

Bottle Top Opener and Launcher

This Bottle Cap Opener and Launcher is the perfect stocking stuffer for any guy that loves beer (though it will also work with cider and even pop I'm sure too). Simply place the opener over the bottle top and then pry the cap off like you normally would. Then pull back and launch your bottle cap at your friends!

credit card multi tool

Credit Card Tool Set Multitool

This Credit Card Tool Set Multitool has everything a guy couple possibly need from a saw to a compass, toothpick, can / bottle opener etc. Plus, it all fits nicely in your wallet so it's always on you.


shit the bed hot sauce

Shit The Bed Hot Sauce from Australia

The Aussies don't play around and this Shit The Bed Hot Sauce measures in at about 35,00 on the Scoville Scale. It's made entirely of Scorpion and Birds Eye peppers plus a variety of fruits including Goji Berries, coconut sugar, and event some vegetables so this is also one of the healtiest hot sauces out there. Just pour some on your favorite food and it will clear you right out ... the calories won't even have a chance to be absorbed!

turbo keychain

Turbo Keychain with Sounds and LED

Need a boost to get you through the day? This rechargeable turbo keychain features turbo sounds and also has an LED light to help you find your way in the dark.

lock picking set with practice lock

Lock Picking Set with Practice Lock

While I will never endorse illegal behavior, knowing how to pick a lock is an important skill for all guys to learn. That's why this Lock Picking Set with Practice Lock makes such a great stocking stuffer gift for guys. There will be times in your life when you lock yourself out of a door or even a suitcase or padlock on your shed. Now's your time to learn and impress your friends when you can save the day instead of simply grabbing a pair of bolt cutters instead! 

world war ii plastic army men and vehicles toy set

World War II Toy Soldiers and Vehicles Set

Remember back in the day when you were a kid and spent hours outside planning battles with your plastic toy soldiers? (Maybe even melting or otherwise destroying them in the process!) Well I think sometimes that fun is lost and with this set of World War II Combat Soldiers and Vehicles you can recapture some of your childhood and maybe even connect with you son or daughter in a new way. Each set comes with 124 miniature army figures modeled after USA (green), British (blue), German (grey), and Japanese (red).