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Thanks to Reverie I Now Look Forward To Sleeping At Home Again

Hotel Bed is No Longer Better Than My Home

It's been a few weeks now since I got my Reverie sleep system installed and in that time I've been sleeping around - well in hotel rooms that is. In the past, while I loved coming home to see my wife again - I dreaded my bed. That's not the case anymore though. Yeah, this sounds like I'm shilling for them - and YES I did get a fantastic sleep system but it really has made a difference.

Honestly, I live in a weird world where I travel around the country staying in some of the nicest hotels available. During this time, I always had a better TV, faster internet connection and pretty much every other aspect of the room. But the hotel beds were always a treat. Now though, while a great bed is always appreciated - I don't miss it when I come home to my Reverie bed.

As I've traveled, I've also had a chance for the initial excitement to wear down so I'd like to discuss some of my thoughts.


Comfort ...

Remember back in my first post, I said that it felt awkward and I wanted to test out the ability to reconfigure the comfort profile? Well, I was too busy to do so and I've adjusted to the feel. I think this is a critical thing to consider since no matter what it is, new stuff is going to not feel the same as your old stuff. In this case, the new Reverie mattress is certainly more firm and now that I've given it a chance - I love it!

anti snore mode

Gee-Whiz Features ...

This bed sleep system is pretty darn amazing. From being able to raise your head and legs to a vibrating massage function and even an undercarriage light it has it all. After playing with them a LOT in the first few days, I haven't really done more than sleep in the bed since. However, the one really big feature that I LOVE is that the holder for the remote control also doubles as a USB charger and power outlet. 

This functionality is probably the smallest of all the benefits but it is my favorite since my room doesn't have a lot of outlets and now I can charge my phone AND have a lamp on my nightstand.

If we had a TV that we watched in bed, we might get a lot more use out of the ability to raise the head etc. It is certainly extremely comfortable when sitting in there, but currently I mostly use the bed for sleeping.

Loving ...

No, I'm not going to get into details here, but previously it was a chore to roll over and give Heather a kiss goodnight. Our previous foam mattress just sucked you in and it was impossible to move. The Reverie mattress is still nice and soft - extremely comfortable for sleeping - but it has enough "give" that I can easily roll over and say good night :)

niki bed

There's No Going Back ...

Ok, I'll admit ... I didn't throw away our mattress initially. I kept it "just in case".

There's no going back now and Niki Belle is happy about that. Instead of throwing it away, we've cut it into pieces and built her a perch so she can sit at the window and watch people go by. We also gave her a chunk of the old foam mattress for her to enjoy upstairs and now we are both happy with our new beds! 


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