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adopting a puppy? Here's what you need to know.

Many of us as an individual, a couple or even a family, get to a stage where we want to add to it and that can often me the introduction of a puppy. It is exciting, they are cute and lovely and just want all cuddles and attention. But you also need to factor in that a puppy will have a lot to learn in those first few months and you will be the one responsible for it.

When considering a new puppy, please make a smart choice. Don't buy one from a breed that is going to grow too big for you to handle in the space you have. For instance, a golden retriever might sound fun ... and their puppies are super cute. However, they will grow big and that means you need to give them lots of space to run and play. Similarly, always work with a reputable breeder and consider your local no-kill-shelters and dog rescue agencies first. These are often great dogs that just need a happy home. Sometimes we don’t factor in what is needed so make the right first step when considering adopting a puppy.

With that in mind, here are some of the things to think about if you are considering getting a puppy. 


They Need Their Alone Time Just Like You Do

One of the first things to think about would be how much time they could potentially be spending on their own during the day. Many of us have commitments with jobs and such, so you need to factor in. If you can, it may be worth organizing a visit during the day. There are many pet services that offer this sort of thing. If you do have family or friends that can help out this may also help to break their day up. 

The Things That They Need 

All dogs need things just like we do, so you may need to factor in the additional purchases you will have to make before they even arrive at your home. It is things such as a new bed, grooming products perhaps, and also additional treats. You may also want to buy safe chew toys for puppies online to make things a little easier, as they are so playful when they are younger. Being a responsible pet owner includes taking care of all its needs, obeying the licensing and community laws, identifying tags, and offering veterinary care, and getting quality and affordable pet insurance like Bivvy to add coverage for your pet's frequent vet expenses. You also need to love your pets, be a good companion, take out time for their diet, walks, and other necessities.


Training Your New Puppy 

Getting them home and cared for is one thing, but you will also need to ensure that you start to train them from the start. This is just with basic things such as knowing where they can relieve themselves and also things such as basic commands like sit and leave. The earlier you start to train them and to get them used to the lead, the easier they will be as they get older.


Calculating The Added Cost to Your Weekly Budget

One thing we don’t factor in is the added cost to the weekly budget. We all need to buy in food each week, and the main problem that any of us can face is the added cost of pet food to your shopping list. It may not be that much, but the added cost can soon mount up over the month and year. It is always worth it to factor the costs in ahead of time to ensure that it is affordable. 


Adopting A New Puppy Has Many Benefits

Of course, there is no denying that there are some incredible benefits to getting a puppy or a dog in your life. The added companionship they can offer, the increase in activity on your part because of the walks you will be doing. They can really enrich your life for the better. 

Let’s hope highlighting these things helps you to make an informed decision about getting a puppy.