Tired of a Slow Mac? We Tried CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a optimization tool to help speed your computer up.
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CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one package designed to speedup your computer by clearing out all sorts of junk and making it run faster, just like on day one. While powerful, it's designed to be simple to use and that ultimately means more effective since if you don't use it, then what good is it anyhow? Let's take a look at what we found after trying CleanMyMac X on our macbook.

  The first thing you notice when opening up CleanMyMac X is how clean and elegant the app itself is. While this beauty and simplicity belies the powerful software beneath the hood, we dig it. 

scan results cleanmymac x

After running the software - just one button click! - we discovered nearly 8 GB of "unneeded junk", 22 threat protection items to neutralize, and 3 performance tasks to run that would improve the speed.

While you can blindly accept the solutions it provides, I always recommend that you review details before executing. This helps prevent accidentally deleting documents that appear as duplicates but might not be. Similarly, you might have your computer already tweaked for a specific purpose and the software might not recognize that as the "right way".

In this instance though, the suggestions that CleanMyMac X presented were pretty good so we decided to run it.

optimizing mac cleanmymac x

After running CleanMyMac X, the computer definitely felt faster. It's a challenge some times because it's not as though things all of a sudden get clogged. If that was the case we'd stop and fix it. Instead, as we use our computer it just adds layer after layer of stuff that can make it less efficient. With CleanMyMac X though, you have one tool that can speed things up, protect it from threats, and clean all your old files up to make more room.

working on cleanmymac x

CleanMyMac X is a great tool for keeping your computer fresh and clean so it can run quick.

If you are ready to check it out, CLICK HERE For AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD.

However, it's not the only thing you need to do.

Preventative Tips to Help Ensure Your Mac Stay Clean and Quick:

Avoid "Bad Websites" - While anti-malware software can help defend against threats, the best solution is to avoid shady places where you can get exposure. If you do visit parts of the internet that might be a bit shady, make sure to use an anonymous browser or stealth mode so that cookies and other rubbish can be immediately wiped away.

Backup Your Important Data and Make Space On the Drive - Programs like CleanMyMac X are great for helping to clear out junk, you probably have tons of important files that you want to keep but don't always need. Make sure those are safely backed up on an off-site backup somewhere so you can make space for the stuff you need to run ... but don't lose anything important.

Check That Your Software Is Updated - You might not want to be the first of your friends to update everything since sometimes new versions can cause problems. However, do make sure that you aren't running old versions of your operating system, drivers, and other software. 


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