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Top Maintenance Tips Motorcycle Owners Often Ignore

here are some motorcycle tips that owners often forget to take care of

Many people love the unique thrill and special sensation of riding a motorcycle, and these vehicles have a lot of other advantages to offer as well. They're smaller and more maneuverable than cars, allowing them to weave around traffic and navigate narrower roads with ease, and they tend to be much cheaper to own, insure, and run as well.

At the same time, motorcycles do have a few drawbacks, and the biggest issue of all with this mode of transport is that it's simply more dangerous than the likes of cars, vans, and SUVs. Motorcycles are small and lack protection for their riders, and it's not uncommon for people to get very badly injured when accidents and crashes involving motorcycles occur.

There are many possible causes of these kinds of accidents. Some are caused by reckless road users behaving aggressively and failing to follow the rules. Others are caused by people operating their vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and many more are caused by drivers who let themselves get distracted with things like phones and food.

Some accidents are even caused by mechanical or technical issues with the vehicles involved, and if you're riding your bike around with issues like low tire pressure, a lack of engine oil, low fluid levels, or worn tire treads, you could be putting yourself in real risk. Here are some useful maintenance tips to follow for your own safety and the safety of others.

Oil Changes

In order for your motorcycle's engine to run properly, it needs a certain amount of good quality oil. This oil plays a key role in the proper functioning of any engine, but the oil can deteriorate over time and become less effective, so will need to be changed. If you carry on riding around with low-quality or contaminated oil, your engine might get into a lot of trouble.

To change the oil, it's wise to start off by riding the bike around for a few minutes to heat the oil and make it easier to work with. Turn the engine off, take the drain plug and oil fill plug out, and let the oil drain out into a container. Once it's all drained out, you can fit a new oil filter and then pour in the fresh motorcycle oil.

Check Tires

The tires of your bike are exposed to all kinds of dangers on a daily basis. Every time you ride down the road, there's a chance that your tires could come into contact with all kinds of dangerous debris like shards of broken glass, and it's not uncommon for tires to get punctured or simply worn down over time through use.

Old, tired tires can be less effective at taking turns and more likely to generate accidents, so it's vital to keep a close eye on them, inspecting the tread wear and changing tires when necessary, especially if you live in an area that sees high amounts of rain or snow and very slippery road surfaces. You should also check tire pressure often and inflate your tires as needed to the desired levels.

Drive Chain Maintenance

The drive chain is an essential part of your motorcycle, responsible for transferring energy from the engine to the rear wheel. Without this part, the rear wheel simply wouldn't be able to spin and the bike would be utterly unusable, but over time, the drive chain can wear down or get dirty, and if you don't look after it correctly, major technical issues can arise.

Make sure to inspect the chain often, especially after long rides, and clean it well to get rid of any surface stains or dirt. A good method is to elevate the rear wheel first and make sure the bike is in neutral so that you can move the chain around with ease. A simple bristle brush is all you need to wipe away most surface grime, and you should also apply lubrication to the chain to keep it moving smoothly.

Final Word

Keeping your bike in good working order isn't just about making sure it looks clean and fresh; it's a key part of being a responsible motorcycle owner and rider, helping to reduce your risk of accidents and set a good example for other riders around you. As explained above, you can carry out many maintenance tasks on your own at home, but if you have any doubts, be sure to visit a repair shop to get expert assistance and se

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