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Clarion Builds 1974 2002 BMW

What is better than looking at a lovingly restored 1974 BMW model 2002? I would say enjoying the same car with an impressive clarion sound system at a private track with drift car champion Chris Forsberg!

BMW and Clarion along with numerous other specialty companies got together to restore the 2002 model from the chasee up! When asked why they picked a 2002 BMW, they stated it’s the perfect car for the younger generation to fall back in love tinkering with cars that can up wrenched on and tweaked up. Clarion Builds is the marketing team that wants to get car lovers enthusiastic about owning and restoring cars and to get the younger generation away from their smart phones and to experience the fun of owning and driving cars again!

Mantripping was invited to a day at the Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside where Clarion and BMW revealed their finished project car. After the introductions with the Clarion Builds team, they allowed us to explore the car and explained the restoration. It’s the Clarion Builds first project car and they documented it well. They made the decision early on to restore and modernize this classic car. The original BMW engine produced 80 hp. The Builds Team upgraded the compression cycle from 8:1 to 10:1 improving HP to 140!

Anyone will say wow when they feel the acceleration. Surprisingly the road noise wasn't as loud as you would think. I discovered they liberally used hush mat throughout the car thus reducing the outside noise so you can enjoy the Clarion NX605 head unit using a XC6610 amplifier. This is all pushed out through a speaker set that includes 10” subwoofers model WG2520D that are rated for 1000W peak, 300W continuous power. The rear speakers were their SRG model SRG69553R that is a 5 way speaker and has a 600W max. In the front we have a 2 way system, model SRG1623S, that a 350W max. Working well together, they produce some quality tunes to go along with this classic BMW!

They then had professional drift car champion Chris Forsberg take the invited guest around the track demonstrating the car and its upgrades. Clarion has packed this car tastefully with a top shelf sound system that sounded like the band was right there with you! Oh one other thing Clarion throw on this road safe and track fun car was a CC510 Clarion back up camera! These guys think of everything! To see the detailed restoration and the the gear the Clarion Builds team used visit their project page for the BMW 2002. Drive safe and always remember to have fun when you are ManTripping! 

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