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Themed Game Room

You have just managed to secure yourself a game room, a man cave ... a haven that will play host to your friends and plenty of fun hours. The only thing that’s missing is the décor, so just how do you go about creating the ultimate sports themed game room?

Well guys, you are in luck as we are about to take you through some fantastic suggestions that will make you get to your feet and head straight into your game room, ready to start work.

Step 1. Pick Your Sport

Firstly you need to decide what kind of games room is this going to be, are you going to focus is solely around one particular sport or do you want to incorporate several sports into the décor of the room?
If it’s more than one sport then you need to carefully plan how you are going to blend these together so your room doesn’t look out of sorts.

Step 2. Pick Your Team

If you are going for one sport, then you are bound to have a favorite team that you follow. Firstly you will need to make note of the team colors, but or suggestion here is not to go to mad on cluttering your sports room with merchandise, so that is looks trashy. You want the room to look classy, and the chances are some of your mates won’t support the same team so it’s worth adding in other elements from the actual sport.

Now you have the sport and the team sorted we need to look at the general décor.

Step 3. Setting the Mood

Depending on how big your room is, depends on what you can fit into it. If you are looking to design a sports room that’s more for watching sports then you will want to invest in some comfortable and cool looking seating, with cup holders in the arm rests.

You will also want to think about how many TV’s you want setting up in the room (if you are looking to show a variety of sports or teams).
Let’s face it, no games room can be classed as “ultimate” without a bar as the central point either. Even if you don’t want to go to the lengths of having to fit proper bar equipment, bar stools, a bar, fridge and choices of beverage should be present.

Finally, lighting will give you that cherry on the top of the cake when it comes to finalizing the mood setting. In any sports room, you don’t want bright lights (or natural lights from windows). You want to be in your own world, shut out from life around you will you immerse yourself in the soccer, baseball, basketball, your pool game or a 1v1 on the Xbox.

Lamps or neon signs are perfect for setting the mood in games rooms, and something you should definitely consider.

Step 4. Don’t Forget the Final Touches

The final touches to any games room are to add little quaint items, whether its trophies, ticket stubs that are framed and wall-mounted, or your favorite players signed jersey hanging off the wall. See what memorabilia or merchandise you have lying around and think about how you can add that touch of class to your ultimate sports themed game room.