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understanding soccer player transfer betting

Almost everything is more exciting when you can put money down and bet on it. Horse racing, football, now even NASCAR is getting in the sports betting world. However, no group of fans has refined the concept of sports betting to an art more than soccer fans. Not only can you bet on a team to win but you can even bet on who goes to what team. Honestly as a guy who enjoys a live match but gets bored watching most televised games ... things like this just make it way more interesting. Let's take a look at how soccer player transfer betting works and how you can join in where legally allowed.

Towards the end of each soccer season, there are speculations about players and managers moving and those speculations start to grow right at that period. Those movements are transfers, meaning players get registered to transfer to another club and play under their flag.  Besides soccer already being a major sport that people like to bet on, regarding matches and scores, people also enjoy betting on player transfers. However, if you would like to do the same, then you should beware of a few things related to soccer player transfer betting and the best betting sites

For many Americans, this can be a grey area but increasingly we're seeing it open up across the United States including sports betting centers like Atlantic City and Vegas. In fact today, nearly half of all US states allow sports betting of some kind including physical in person as well as online sportsbooks. This is truly an exciting time for exploring the nuances of sports such as soccer. Maybe this will be what it takes to bring more attention to this sport that dominates everywhere else in the world except here in the US.

Let's take a look at how soccer player transfer betting works ...

Follow the Rumors Closely

Transfer specials have become extremely popular in soccer betting, due to rumors that occur all over the internet and social media. These can provide a nice break from ordinary betting, however, you have to be careful not to get lured in by the tabloids headlines and by everything people say on the internet. Most of that information can be misleading and they are just part of gossip. The best thing to do is trust only to reputable sources and keep a close eye on all the rumors.


Information is Power

In order to be successful in the transfer specials market, you have to have good info and rely on knowledge. You should read about transfers as much as you can. Look for such information in newspapers, soccer websites, and even on official club pages. There will be rumors flying around, but your own research is your safest bet. However, even the rumors can have an element of truth, but try and find that element and do further research on that. What is more, once you’ve chosen a player and their transfer to bet on, make sure to follow their personal social media accounts, since the most reliable information is probably going to be there. 


Timing is Essential

Another very important element of transfer betting is timing. As soon as the deals are nearing completion, the odds for betting will significantly shorten. That is why you should do some digging and check different bookmakers and follow the offered transfers and shift in prices that might be promising. 


Follow the Players’ Performance

Once you’ve started to have a clear idea on which players’ transfers you would like to bet, you should make sure to follow their performance. This element often leads to an increase in speculations in the transfer market. You can easily follow the performance online and don’t forget to occasionally check the players’ personal social media accounts to look for clues. 


Make Sensible Bets

One of the biggest risks when it comes to any type of betting is gamblers overextending themselves. The same goes for player transfer betting and you should be careful to bet on the amounts that you can actually afford. In order to be sensible and careful, you should become savvy about the whole process of betting on transfers and to be aware of the odds of both winning and losing. To top it all of, you should know a lot about transfers and only have reliable information in order not to risk losing a lot of money. Plus, don’t bet the amount that you cannot afford to lose, otherwise, you will only run into problems.

Just like with any type of betting, you should be careful and do a thorough research. Before you even choose your bookmaker, make sure to know for certain about the transfer and not to be confused by tabloids and gossip. Then, do your research on bookmakers, find one that you trust and that has good odds of you winning the bet. Only then place the bet and be sensible about it.