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Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage This Summer

Ways to get Better Gas Mileage This Summer

If you’re thinking about taking some exciting trips on the road this summer, it’s important to do whatever you can to help save money at the gas pump. Earlier this spring, we were amazed at how far we could go on one tank of gas while driving the Avalon Hybrid, but with these tips we could have gone even further. Now it's up to you to make an impact and maximize your gas mileage for your summer road trips.

Maintain a Constant Speed

When you start planning your travel route, try to use highways as much as possible. Maintaining a constant speed, typically the speed limit, may help you use a little less fuel while driving.

Keep Your Oil Changed

Next, you want to make sure you periodically change your oil and filter. A car using dirty oil runs less efficiently than one that gets the recommended oil changes. Depending on how you drive and the area you live in, it may be necessary to change your oil every three to five thousand miles.

Upgrade Your Tires

The condition of your tires is also essential to helping your car save on gas. First, you may want to upgrade your tires to something a little more road friendly. There are many different options when it comes to Pennsylvania tires that can help your car reach top fuel efficiency. Next, it’s vital to keep your tire pressure within the range that your manual recommends.

Use the Recommended Octane Level

It’s also important to follow your car’s recommendations when it comes to octane level at the gas pump. If your engine runs better on regular, there’s no need to choose the more expensive premium levels of gasoline.

Remove Excess

The final thing to do before setting out on your next long car ride is to remove any excess add-ons that are adding weight. While you may need to pack some luggage on your journey, adding a roof rack or pulling a trailer can drastically lower the amount of miles you get per gallon. Saving money on your fuel costs can help you and your family or friends get more out of the next trip. By following a few simple tips, you can ensure your next road trip is more economical.

Consider a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle

I've been blessed to have the chance to check out a lot of cars and frankly the gap between a traditional gasoline engine and a hybrid is virtually gone. Today's hybrids like the one in our Avalon Hybrid are smooth and powerful at a price that is virtually on par with other options. While that isn't an immediate option for most of you, the options above are a great way to start and you'll see even better results once you switch!

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