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watch world cup without disturbing your partner

Some sporting events take the world by storm. The Olympic games, for instance, send us wild. Everyone from competing countries catches at least some of the action. This event is all about supporting your country. What’s more, the vast array of activities ensures that there really is something for everyone.

In firm second place, we have the soccer world cup. Hosted every four years, this event sends soccer fans wild worldwide. And, while the U.S. team isn’t competing this year for the first time in three decades, we're still getting pretty excited about the June 14th kickoff. After all, this month of action is a dream for any soccer fan, regardless of who’s taking part.

But, those of us who look out for events like these often come under scrutiny from loved ones. If you live with a partner who can’t stand sports, events like these become a challenging time. You want to watch everything, but an argument ensues each time you try. And, with time fast running out until the world cup kicks off, you might be wondering how you can catch the action without ruining your romance. Fear not, because we have some tips which could help.

Find Ways to Watch World Cup That Won’t Disturb Your Partner

In fairness, it’s easy to see why non-soccer fans find the world cup tiresome. With an average three games a day for the duration of the tournament, even sports lovers can reach their limit. So, be mindful. Look out for ways to watch which won’t disturb your partner. After all, you don’t need to watch every game on the big screen.

There are ways to watch the World Cup games online, for instance Fox Sports, but you’ll want to make sure to have a great internet package that offers plenty of bandwidth like Optimum by Altice. Premium broadband packages like this allow you to stream on other devices, and thus free you up to watch from your phone or a laptop in any room. Failing that, you could always head out to a local bar…

Early Happy Hour and World Cup Viewing Parties

Luckily, many bars and restaurants are prepared for early morning soccer fans. For instance, one of my favorite bars – Islands is offering $3.95 regular draft beers and $5.95 large draft beers during 11 am PT World Cup games this year (through July 10).

This is a fun way to get out of the house and celebrate soccer with friends without bothering your partner.

Be Willing to Compromise On Your Viewing Schedule

We know that compromise is the last thing you want here. You’ve waited four years for this after all! But, a willingness to compromise can take you a long way. Why not pick one game each day, then catch up on the other scores after the event? Or, prioritize the schedule and only watch the games featuring your favorite teams. If your partner knows you’re picking and choosing, they’re sure to be more willing when it comes to games you do watch.

Take Some World Cup-Free Time

Understandably, our partners can end up feeling a little neglected and bored when world cup time rolls around. And, is it any surprise when there’s soccer for such an extended period? It’s easy to let everything slide, including your relationship. But, you can stop that from happening by ensuring you make world cup-free time a priority. That means you don’t want it or talk about it, but focus solely on the person in front of you. Even just one hour of quality time like this each day could help you weather that world cup storm.