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most common tools for working on your car

Repairs. Some say you are not a real car or truck owner if you don’t know how to work your way on that chassis or hood. Why? Well, you can't just go running to a mechanic every time some issue pops on your ride. That would cost you a lot financially. 

To not hurt yourself in that area, it’s best to know a thing or two about doing your own repairs. Being your own mechanic has many perks. It saves money, time, and you even get to learn an important skill. Win-win!

What's the first thing you should do to get ready? Aside from steeling your mind and body (mechanics have steel will) and being patient when learning, the first step would be getting the right set of tools. Here are the must-have mechanic tools you need to start working on your own car or truck.

11 Must-Have Car Tools

Good ol’ Wrenches

If you don’t know how to use a wrench, then don't even dream of getting close to fixing your own car. It's like a microphone to a singer or a tuner to a musician. Almost every picture of a mechanic has them holding a wrench! 

The point is - you should get these and familiarize yourself with them like the back of your hand. They will be your most loyal companions in tightening or loosening those nuts and bolts.

Set of Screwdrivers

Know how to use this, and you won't ever screw up (pun intended). This simple handheld device works like magic when used on two things: inserting screws and removing them. I find no need to explain how it works since even an average Joe would know how to use a screwdriver. 

However, if for some reason it is your first, find out if it's a flathead or a star one. Not every head functions well with other kinds of screws. Getting a set is always recommended.

Electrical Tape

When there are wires, there's electricity. And when there's electricity, there's a need for electrical tapes. Why? Because electrical wires are not as durable as we hope they would be. There are also times when you have to cut them for replacement or hot-wiring when you lose your keys. If you're getting sparks, handle it with electrical tape.


Cars break down at ungodly hours. If you need to get underneath your car or truck, you need a flashlight. Even when the sun is out, you’ll still need one. Therefore, it's best to come prepared with a flashlight, morning or night.

Pliers Set

Pliers are the most used hand tool when holding various objects or wires on your chassis or hood. You use pliers because your hands could be doing other work or they’re rendered inept when doing the task. They are also capable of cutting wire and holding materials in place. There are many kinds of pliers, so I suggest that you purchase a set. Doing so saves time and makes repairs more efficient.

Mechanic Gloves

Skin is prone to allergies, blisters, cuts, wounds, and, most of all, it gets slippery when dripped with oil. That's why you need to have mechanic gloves. It functions doubly as protective equipment and an added layer of thickness when working on hard-to-deal-with objects. It keeps your hands clean, too!

Socket Set

This set is the attaché case of mechanics. You'll know they are up for some hard work when they bring this out. A socket set functions as an attachable wrench tool for various kinds and sizes of cylindrical sockets. So, when a specific type of bolt or nut needs to be loosened or fastened, you got the right socket ready that will fit right through it.


Lubricants are crucial because cars or trucks are made of metal gears prone to rust and decay. There is also friction to consider. When your gears are not maintained or lubricated, they will most likely heat up a lot and produce cranking noises. Better lube it up for your car to run as smoothly as possible.

Owner’s Manual

If being a mechanic is a religion, then the owner's manual, aka service manual, is its doctrine. Though you don't necessarily need to purchase this as long as you didn't lose it, this must always be in your toolbox. The manual contains all the information regarding maintenance or repair needed by your car or truck. After all, who knows your car/truck best? It's the manufacturer.

Car Jack

The first repair that every car owner face is not always the most complicated. It’s in fact the most common issue – changing tires. If you want to be your own mechanic, it's best to start with the basics and get on with the tires. This manual device helps lift a portion of your car with the ingenuity of physics and human technology, and lets you change your tires effortlessly. To find the right car jack, check out this guide from Car Bibles that will help you to choose the one for your needs.

Adjustable Torque Wrench

The torque wrench is the cousin of the regular wrench. It is also arguably the most used kind of wrench there is.  It is a tool made specifically for applying torque to your nuts and bolts. This wrench makes a clicking sound to inform you that the grip is tightened enough, but not too much that it shears off. 

A torque wrench saves you the hassle of not knowing how to get that bolt off after being tightened too hard. As a reminder, do not use this kind of wrench when removing those fasteners. They could potentially break and ruin your calibration settings.

These Are the Must-Have Mechanic Tools For Working On Your Car

There you have – the 11 best tools you need to start working on your truck or car. These tools are not all there is, but they are the standard of must-have in being an effective startup mechanic. So, the next time you something pops in your car, you got yourself covered if you have these tools with you.