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What To Do If Injured While Traveling

What to do if you are injured while traveling

Getting injured on vacation is never on the agenda, but it’s important to know what to do in case you need medical attention while traveling. Here’s what you need to know in case of emergencies when you’re far away from home.

Domestic Travel

Roadtripping is always a great way to see the views in nearby states, but you never expect a car accident until it happens. If you’re injured in a car accident (or while doing anything else) while traveling you can expect to be taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and care.

Before you head off on your next adventure, look up major hospitals or clinics in the area you are traveling through to ensure you can let emergency responders know where you’d like to go in an emergency.

Most major U.S. insurance companies have a list of hospitals and clinics that are in-network with your plan, and it’s obviously ideal to stay in-network as much as possible. If your insurance company doesn’t offer a web tool to check for in-network hospitals in the area, just give them a call and a customer service representative can inform you of where to go in an emergency.

Of course, if you are unconscious or seriously injured at the scene of your accident you may not have any say on which hospital you’ll be taken to. If you wind up at an out-of-network hospital or urgent care facility, you can expect some significant medical bills.

The good news is that a personal injury claim can solve your financial woes when you’re facing hefty medical bills, and if you’re not at fault for the accident you may be able to walk away without having to pay any medical bills at all.

A personal injury claim will allow you to work directly with the other liable party’s insurance or give you the option to file a lawsuit to have the cost of your damages recovered. No matter what you choose to do, working with an experienced attorney will make the process much easier.

International Travel

A family vacation skiing in the Swiss Alps should be a nice time away from your everyday commute, but a ski accident can ruin your time away just as easily. Here’s what you need to know if you’re injured when traveling abroad.

Before traveling, take some time to look into options for medical care where you’ll be traveling. Having a few notes about local healthcare providers can help you later on, even if you’re not doing any strenuous activities.

If you didn’t have a chance to prepare and are reading this article while abroad, you can still find a reputable healthcare provider using what you have with you.

First, check the International Society of Travel Medicine’s directory to find reputable care in more than 50 countries. This doesn’t exactly help with your medical bills, but at least you’ll know that you’re in good hands.

As with injuries during domestic travel, you may end up in an out-of-network hospital or urgent care facility, leaving you with hefty medical bills. Thankfully, you have options to recover the financial loss in many cases through a personal injury claim.

Most countries outside of the U.S. allow you to file a personal injury lawsuit through their local courts back home. Other countries may require you to stay within the country you were injured in while the matter is resolved, which means you’ll need to find an international attorney that has jurisdiction to work within that area.

It can be difficult to find a reputable law firm abroad, so we recommend that you find a law firm in the U.S. that can assist you in finding a personal injury attorney abroad.

Always Know Before You Go

No one likes to think about emergencies until they happen, but no matter where you travel, you should be aware of the limitations of your health insurance and understand who may be held liable for any injury as you experience the world around you.

We hope you never have to use this guide when traveling, but if you do, remember that you have options in recouping some of the financial loss that comes with being injured in some cases. To learn more about personal injury lawsuits, find a reputable attorney who can help you regain what you’ve lost.

Always be prepared, know your insurance’s limitations, and remember that you have options when emergencies strike no matter where you are.

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