a husband's guide to buying anniversary jewelry
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Getting jewelry for the love of your life doesn’t have to be daunting, thanks to milestone gifts and your partners' preferences. If you’ve bought your spouse an engagement ring, you’re at least knowledgeable on their favorite type of stone. Whether you’ve been married for a year or 50 years, use this guide to buy the perfect bracelet, necklace, rings, or earrings. 

The Milestone Gift

One of the easiest ways to find the perfect jewelry piece for your partner is by going off the traditional milestone anniversary lists. Every five years is a new milestone, but there are plenty of exciting jewels in between the more significant anniversaries. For example, the 6th year anniversary features amethyst jewelry which you can purchase from Diamondere

Depending on your loved ones' preferences, they may prefer jewelry that’s more mute. Stones like jade, lapis lazuli, and onyx are excellent options and are typically cheaper. If you want to dress them up, surround the stone with diamonds because this translucent gem goes with everything.

First Year

Reaching your first year wedding anniversary is a huge deal and should be celebrated. You’re both still in the honeymoon phase, so why not give your sweetie a lovely gold necklace or bracelet? You don’t have to go for the whole 24K; just something that’s plated will work just fine. Gold chain necklaces and thin bracelets pair great with almost any outfit.

Fifth Year

On your fifth year anniversary, it’s common for husbands to give the gift of sapphires because they represent the loyalty and truth of your marriage. Sapphires are incredibly durable and last for years, and you don’t just have to settle on blue gems. This incredible jewel comes in green, peach, pink, yellow, and purple, so choose a pair of earrings or rings in her favorite color.

Tenth Year

A decade-long relationship calls for a more intense celebration that should always be topped off with diamonds. Diamonds are this year's jewel of choice because they represent longevity and strength. It’s hard to crack a diamond, and your relationship is even harder to break. Diamond rings are the perfect pairing to other gifts, especially if they’re small, square-shaped studs.

Fifteenth Year

In fifteen years, the passion is still going strong, making the ruby the most appropriate choice for this anniversary year. Rubies are a signifier of love, passion and are thought to do wonders for mental health. A ruby pendant will do wonders for a gift, but be sure it’s set with white gold, silver, or platinum because these metals bring out its intricate tones.

Twentieth Year

Congratulations on reaching your 20th anniversary. To show your appreciation for your loved one, an emerald gemstone will do just fine. The stunning green emerald represents power, riches, and eloquence which is a great thing to hope for in your relationships. Maybe if you wish upon it, you and your spouse can retire early and spend your days in a tropical climate.


The 25th year represents the silver jubilee, so go crazy with your gifts! There are so many options for jewelry when it comes to a silver post because most colors look great reflected off its surface. Embrace the color that silver can offer by buying a tasteful metal watch, a white gold or platinum ring, or some new silverware. After 25 years, you probably need it!


The pearl is this year's wedding anniversary present because they take years to form, just like your longstanding and forever-lasting relationship. Pearls look great on everything, including rings, watches, and necklaces, but be sure to buy a matching set. Pearls are another gem that comes in different colors, so don’t just settle for white if you want something different.

Thirty-Fifth and Beyond

After the 35th anniversary, most of the stones repeat. For example, the 35th is the emeralds, the 40th is the ruby, and the 45th is the sapphire. On your 50th anniversary, the golden jubilee comes back around, but after staying together for so long, you may need to upgrade your gifts. Many give your spouse more than one piece of jewelry after your 35th anniversary.

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