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5 Dirty and Absolutely Filthy Men Who Wish They Had Irish Spring Signature

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Soap or Body Wash, it's that stuff you rub on you body at least once a day, but how much do you actually think about it? Irish Spring has been one of those iconic brands that since 1972 has been helping great men get and stay clean after a hard days work. 

Five Men In History Who Wish They Had Irish Spring Signature!

So, it got me thinking about all the other men out there that probably wish they could have enjoyed a hot bath with Irish Spring Signature products when they got home from their jobs ...

coal miner

Certainly, this Appalachian coal miner could use the 3-in-1 Body Wash to help seal in the body's natural hydration while helping to coal dust off of his entire body.

mud race person

 This guy needs to use Irish Spring Signature Hydrating bars - He's probably got mud in special places. That's no job for a liquid soap and he's going to need to spend a ton of time getting clean after the race.

tva dam worker

This TVA damn worker could certainly use a warm shower when he gets home and use the power of the Exfoliating Scrub bars to help remove the dirt, grime, oil, and whatever else managed to stick to his skin that day. 

astronaut jack lousma skylab 3

Astronaut Jack Lousma on Skylab 3 probably wishes he had something other than whatever soap NASA approved for use in their shower. We think the Hydrating Body Wash would be a fantastic choice for him since everyone knows how much your skin dries out on a plane ... an you imagine how bad it must be in space?

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