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OMG Dude What Happened? You're Growing Breasts, Nose Hair and Getting Out of Breath!

Old Man

Getting old sucks and it's made worse by the fact that no one really prepares you for it. When we went through puberty as kids, at least we had books, videos, parents, teachers and dirty magazines to help prepare us for the changes. Now that we're in our 30's our bodies are changing again but no-one prepared us for it. I thought "getting old" was going to happen to me in my 60's and 70's but now that I've hit 40 I'm wondering what the hell happened to me. 

It’s nice to be a young, seemingly invincible kid that can stay up all night then chug a red bull before heading to work and nailing that big deal. Unfortunately for most of us, those days are all in the past. That doesn't mean our lives are over - far from it. However, we need to be aware of the changes that we're going through as well as what we can do to compensate for it. This can be a very slow and gradual transition, many men not noticing the changes until real health difficulties have started to develop. If you’re over thirty, or are approaching that life milestone soon, here are some health issues to keep your eye on before they develop.

Hormonal Changes

After your young adulthood, your body’s sex hormones start to change quite a bit. While testosterone tends to stay reliably high during your teens and twenties, it can start tapering off a lot when you get into your forties and beyond. It is important that you start to have your testosterone levels checked during this time. It's not just a sexual health and "libido" issue but in fact these hormonal changes can lead to a host of other issues too. These changes that can occur when the body produces less testosterone and more estrogen, including mood swings, weight gain, and lower libido. If you don’t want this to happen to you, make a plan with your doctor now for maintaining your normal hormone levels. Many of the techniques that can achieve this are the result of exercise and other lifestyle factors that are in your control.

Male Breast Growth Issues

Some of us have had "man boobs" since we were younger, it's just the way things developed. However, as the aging process continues - as well as the tendency to be less fit, eat less purposely as well as a result of estrogen being produced in greater supplies than what happened in young adulthood. As a result many men develop breasts or a condition referred to as gynomastia. Additionally, while not as common as it is in women, men can also develop breast cancer. Because of this, it's important to check your breasts - even if they are just flabby pecs to help avoid any trouble before it becomes life threatening.

Heart Health

Heart problems don’t automatically appear out of nowhere when you enter adulthood. They are the result of lifestyle factors that have been present for decades. In the case of heart attack, for example, arteries start hardening when men are in their teens, in many cases. That they don’t catch up to you until later in life is just a function of time and accumulated harm. It’s important for men in their thirties to understand their current heart health, as well as ways in which heart health can be improved and maintained. 90 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week, and daily healthy eating habits, are two of the best ways to keep your heart healthy for life.

Bone Health

If you’re in your 30’s, you probably aren’t thinking about something as distant and foreign as osteoporosis. But maybe you should learn more about how it develops. Preparing for old age now can give you a lot better results far down the line. Osteoporosis develops because bone wasn’t formed well during young adulthood. This might be a result of having been malnourished or sedentary during those years. You can give your bones the building blocks they need to provide strong security for the rest of your life, right now.

Hair Loss

This isn't necessarily a health condition to worry about but it's something that most of us are going to experience starting in our 30's and potentially accelerating through the rest of our lives. Luckily, there are some good medical solutions to helping stop hair loss as well as regrowing hair. Even if you aren't going to go bald, you might still experience a receding hairline or thin spots on the top of your head. Trust me, the first time someone points that out can be crushing since typically you never look up there and so it's like going from 100 mph to zero when you realize that you're getting old and losing your hair. 

Nose and Ear Hair Growth

Even when we were younger, it was a good practice to trim our nose and ear hair but what the heck is going on now with that shrub growing from your schnoz? The simple answer is that you aren't imagining things and you aren't alone. Remember those hormonal changes we mentioned earlier? It's affecting your nose and ear hairs too. Scientists aren't really sure why this happens but the thought is that as men age, follicles in the nose and ears become more sensitive to testosterone and begin producing bigger, larger hairs.

There are lots of things that begin to change when you are in your 30’s. Keep an eye on your changing health in these years, and you’ll establish patterns that last a lifetime. Keep it up and you’ll be glad you did.

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