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Pants are a staple in just about every outfit you’ll wear. If you wear the wrong pants, it can ruin the situation you’re in. With that in mind, here are three types of pants that every man needs in their wardrobe:

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To start, you need some smart pants for business events or smart affairs. These will be your typical trousers - just make sure you get measured for them. Understanding your waist size and inside leg length will help you get some smart trousers that actually fit properly. Get a pair of black, gray, and navy ones, and you’re good for weddings, going to work, business functions, and so on. 

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From one extreme to the other - you need some casual trousers in your repertoire. Now, there are two levels of casual for you to think about here. The first level is casual clothing that you’ll wear out to places. This can be going on a date, going out for food, or just popping to the shops. Here, you need casual trousers like denim jeans. They’re nice and easy for you to wear, and they’re casual without being too casual. Lots of brands are good at providing pants that fall into the casual category. I know a lot of Engineered Garment clothing is perfect for this, giving you things like causal khaki cargo pants. 


The second type of casual is for when you’re trying to relax. Here, we’re talking about joggers and sweatpants - those types of things. Fill your wardrobe with a few pairs of both types of casual pants and you’ll have something to wear when you don’t need to worry about looking overly smart. 

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Ah yes, the dress code that everyone hates. What the hell is smart-casual, and how do you find smart-casual pants? Basically, it’s an outfit that’s casual in how it fits and looks, but there’s still an element of smartness to it. Here, things like jeans and chinos fit into the smart-casual pants category. Some cargo pants can also fit, but the key difference is how the pants fit your body, and the colors you use. You want pants that are fitted here, and they need to have quite neutral and boring colors. Grays, blues, blacks - that sort of thing. 


Of course, a big part of smart-casual outfits revolves around other things that you wear. So, some of your casual pants can be used in multiple outfits depending on the dress code, but what you wear with them will determine if they’re smart-casual or just plain casual. 

There you go, three types of pants every man needs in their wardrobe. Now, you’ve got everything you need to make the lower half of your outfits fit whatever occasion. Ideally, we’d only ever have to walk around in casual wear. Unfortunately, other commitments mean that we do still need smart attire now and then. Get a few pairs of smart trousers, along with some jeans, chinos, and sweatpants. This is pretty much all you need to keep you going throughout the year.