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Alabama makes a great destination for a mancation or boys weekend since it combines all the great things that guys are looking for. From abundant seafood, beautiful beaches, and deep sea fishing in the south to amazing BBQ, blues, and auto racing in the north. Alabama is a state that should be on your list when considering where to go on your next boys weekend.
Wild and wooley adventures in the frozen tundra or fishing on lakes that are only accessible by float plane? Alaska welcomes guys from around the world that are looking for a mancation to remember. Of course, if your boys weekend is a little less "where's the outhouse" and more "which way to the spa", there are plenty of fishing and hunting lodges here as well that would be perfect for the ultimate Alaska mancation adventure!
Some of the best golf courses in the world await guys who visit Phoenix and Tucson but there are plenty of off road adventures and delicious food stops here as well. While Phoenix and Tucson make great places to visit for your mancation with resorts, spas, golf, and sports ... don't forget about extreme outdoor adventures that await you up north at the Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater. This state was MADE for the boys weekend!
Mancation and Boys Weekend Ideas in Arkansas.
California is a huge state that offers a wide variety of great mancation and boys weekend adventures from skiing fresh powder at Tahoe to surfing in San Diego and dining in San Francisco. There is something for every possible taste in the Golden State!