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Looking for a mancation with your buddies, a guys' weekend filled with adventure and fun, or a father and son trip to bond over shared experiences? We've got you covered with a variety of exciting and unique travel ideas to suit your preferences. For those in need of some quality time with their significant other, we also provide romantic getaway ideas that will leave you and your partner feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and closer than ever before. Don't settle for a run-of-the-mill trip- browse our selection of travel ideas to make your next vacation unforgettable.

Travel ideas for mancations, guys weekends, and romantic getaways.
  • What Does The Ultimate Guys Getaway Look Like? 9 Men Share Their Ideal Itineraries

    When it comes to planning the ultimate guys' getaway, we've gathered nine unique perspectives from professionals ranging from Senior Editors to Public Relations Specialists. From an annual cabin retreat in Lake Chautauqua to an adrenaline-fueled bike road trip, discover the favorite activities, destinations, and companions these men choose for their ideal escape.

  • Golfers Looking For Something New Need To Check These Golf Courses Out

    Are you tired of playing the same old courses? Does it sometimes feel like you can play the hole with a blindfold on since you know exactly where that bunker is and how to swing just right to avoid that oak tree on the 4th hole? Don't worry - we've got some awesome golf courses from around the world that we know will stimulate your imagination to try something new!

  • Beyond Just Security - Why Every Traveler Needs To Use A Trustworthy VPN Service

    Ever been on the move and desperately needed to connect to the internet? Public Wi-Fi seems like a lifesaver, right? But hold your horses! Unsecured internet access during your travels can be risky. It's like leaving your front door wide open with a sign saying 'Welcome' to all online threats. Thankfully, many VPNs are here for your rescue. Be it Surfshark, ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, or Private Internet Access, these VPN providers offer you private internet access by encrypting your data and shielding it from prying eyes. Say goodbye to risks and hello to secure internet use. Let's dive into how a virtual private network can be your knight in shining armor for more than just online security while traveling.

  • Top European Cities for Single Men: Ultimate Solo Travel Guide 2024

    Are you planning a solo trip to Europe? Despite recent changes to the process that Americans need to follow when visiting the continent, it still represents an absolutely fantastic destination of solo travelers and in particular single men looking for fun, food, drinks, vibrant nightlife, and other adventures. Plus, Europe is home to some of the world’s top party spots and is a nexus for other solo travelers from around the world - so that means it is plenty of easy access to affordable lodging and travel companions.

  • How To Have The Ultimate Bachelor Party Road Trip

    They say the journey is more important than the destination, and that's certainly true for a bachelor party road trip. Imagine hitting the open road with your best mates, creating unforgettable memories along the way. This guide will provide you with incredible ideas and essential tips to make sure your trip is the ultimate celebration.

  • Orlando Bachelor Party Ideas

    So you're planning a bachelor party? Orlando's got you covered. It's not just theme parks and sunshine here. You'll find unforgettable party ideas, top-notch restaurants, and exciting nightlife. You might even kick off a cruise using Orlando as the starting and ending point for your maritime adventures. So, let's dive in and discover what Orlando offers for an epic send-off into marital bliss for your best bud!

  • How To Plan a Guys Getaway Your Sober Friends Will Enjoy Too

    One of my challenges with managing this site over the past decade is that the concept of a "guys weekend" tends to evoke images of wild, balls to the wall partying when in fact that's just one way to go. As I've gotten older however, I've discovered that many of my friends either choose not to drink, or unfortunately have discovered that they have problems with various substances. This can prove to be challenging initially when planning an awesome getaway, but it doesn't have to.

  • Awesome Ideas For Single Guys To Explore In The Philippines

    You may think you've seen it all, but if you haven't set foot in the Philippines, you're missing out on a treasure trove of experiences! Whether you are traveling solo or on a guys trip with a group of other bachelors, as a single guy, this tropical paradise offers an unparalleled blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

  • How To Pick The Perfect Bachelor Party Destination

    So, your best buddy's getting hitched and you've been tasked with planning the bachelor party, eh? No pressure, but this is potentially the most memorable night of his single life. It's all up to you to make it epic. But where on earth do you start? Well, you're in the right place. From scoping out your guest list and their interests, to researching unique and affordable destinations, we've got your back.

  • Romantic Getaway Ideas In Chicago For Foodies In Love

    We've talked in the past about how great of a city Chicago is to visit for a guys weekend getaway, but it is also a fantastic city for a romantic getaway too. From fantastic museums to some of the world's best and most creative food, Chicago is a great city to share with someone special. 

  • Alaska Words And Phrases That You Might Hear When You Visit

    Alaska is a pretty distinct place with it's own unique native culture that often blends with a heritage of miners, gold seekers, and other colorful folks seeking a future in America's Last Frontier. Whether these words are Alaska slang, native Alaskan words that have made their way into English or phrases that combine the two, Alaskans use some of the most beautiful as well as most colorful words that you will hear anywhere on your travels. 

  • Educational Father and Son Weekend Getaways

    It's always a little sad to see summer come to an end. But just because summer is over and the kids are back in school does not mean you can't still have great weekend vacations and quality family time. Father and Son trips are something that you can do all year round. Think outside the box and take your child some place memorable. Here are six ideas for educational weekend getaways that your children will be sure to talk about for weeks to come.

  • Best Places In America to See Bald Eagles

    Eagle-spotting is a thrilling and educational experience, but knowing where to go can be a challenge. Did you know that bald eagles are found in every U.S. state except Hawaii? This guide offers an extensive list of the best places across America to see these iconic birds in their natural habitats.

  • Lanzarote Lads Holiday: Beaches, Volcanos, And Wine

    There are many options for sunny holiday breaks in Europe but there are few places you can go that still have the local and seemingly undeveloped feel of Lanzarote in the Canary Island. What was once considered a booming surf and sun vacation spot 80km off the coast of western Africa has staved off many developers thanks to a famous local artist named César Manrique. The island currently holds UNESCO preservation status, which has the fortunate consequence of maintaining an island full of stunning landscapes.

  • Family-Friendly Attractions in Pigeon Forge For A Father Son Trip

    Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, Pigeon Forge is a treasure trove of family-friendly attractions that invite visitors to create a lifetime of memories. From beautiful natural vistas to thrilling amusement parks, this vibrant city offers something special for everyone... and that especially includes a father and son trip.

  • 15 Epic Destinations: Best Cities For An Unforgettable Father And Son Getaway

    Imagine the open road, your son by your side, and memories waiting to be made in America's best cities. This blog uncovers 15 epic destinations that redefine the father-son getaway experience - from the majestic Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona to the jazz-filled lanes of Kansas City and historic marvels in Philadelphia. So whether you're looking for a city full of life or a peaceful retreat into nature, we've got every type of adventure covered on this list. Gear up for father son trips where bonding means exploring new sights and making lifelong memories together.

  • CAM Mobility: Land Rovers In Moab At The Ultimate Off Road Driving Driving School

    I've been fortunate to embark on countless adventures, conquering diverse terrains from driving a Baja Challenge car through Mexico to navigating an old Toyota across Java. I even joined forces with the BMW GS Trophy team for some exhilarating off-road experiences on two wheels. But let me tell you, my recent three-day escapade in Moab with the CAM Mobility crew left me awe-struck and taught me more than I ever imagined.

  • Unwind And Recharge: A Guide To Planning A Relaxing Guys' Spa Weekend

    It's time to redefine the traditional guys' weekend. Instead of bar-hopping and adrenaline-pumping adventures, why not focus on rest and relaxation? Welcome to a world where men can bond over facials, massages, and mindfulness meditation – welcome to the relaxing guys' spa weekend! In this guide, we'll help you plan an unforgettable wellness getaway designed specifically for men who want to unwind and recharge from their daily grind.

  • Seven Warm Weather Cities To Catch An NHL Game This Winter

    While NHL hockey is almost done for this season, we wait with anticipation for the 23-24 season to start back up again in just a few months. As someone who is moving from a warm-weather climate (Southern California) to to the bitter cold winters in Michigan, I know that I'll be looking for some excuses to head south for a game or two. If you are in that same situation or just simply love to travel and see your favorite hockey team play in a different city, well... this article is for you.

  • What You Need To Know To Make That Australian Road Trip Even More Special

    Road trips are one of the best ways to explore Australia. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or planning an extended tour, it's easy to find amazing views and experiences as you drive from place to place. But if you want your Australian road trip to be extra special, there are some great tips that can help make sure it stands out from all the other trips you take! In this article we'll cover how to make your Australian road trip even more special, so let's get started!