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    Air Travel Hacks And Tips To Save Time, Money and Stress

  • Where to eat in Tucson, Arizona - Awesome Mexican food for a guys weekend getaway

    Where to Eat In Tucson on a Guys Trip

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    Nine Things You Must Do On a Cajun Country Guys Weekend

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    Temecula Is Perfect For a Southern California Guys Wine Getaway

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    13 Reasons to Visit Loreto Mexico For The Ultimate Guys Getaway

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    How To Get Free or Nearly Free Drinks During a Cruise Vacation

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    What's It Like Flying Volaris From San Diego to Loreto Mexico

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    Let's Explore Great Lakes Cruises With Viking Expeditions

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Travel ideas for mancations, guys weekends, and romantic getaways
  • dogfishSouthern Delaware may not be the first place you think of when planning a mancation with your buddies, but you'd be remiss in not giving this location some serious consideration. Its central location makes it an easily accessible for from Washington, DC, New York, Philadelphia, or Norfolk, but feels like a world away.

    It offers a wide range of outdoor and action packed activities for adventure seekers, an active nightlife for the pub crawlers, and historic attraction for the culturally minded.

  • Here we bring you a cruise ship guide to the best getaways for the perfect Cruise Mancation. The first ship we will focus on in this series is the NCL Norwegian Epic.

    The Norwegian Epic is perfectly equipped to cater for a Mancation and here is why.

  • delaware-wine-ale-trailOnce again, it is time to start solidifying plans for that well-deserved annual getaway with the guys, and the Delaware Wine and Ale Trail awaits your thirst!

    The promise of leaving behind the intricacies of day-to-life for a few days with our buds is one of the things that keep us going throughout the year. So let's get going and see what's brewing in the tiny, but mighty East Coast state of Delaware!

  • lads-holiday-bannana-boatThe mancation is known as the lads holiday in Britain, a ritual that is followed by many teens and young adults around England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

    Legions of men from the UK head out to Europe on their summer holidays in search of the essentials of a lads holiday, sun, sea, music, a few drinks and a selection of women from all over Europe.

  • stogeez-headerSioux Falls, the largest city in South Dakota, is quite the surprise. Not only are the people extremely friendly and the downtown bustling, but the city boasts a long list of manly activities that will keep a group of guys happy for a weekend getaway. Here are three not-to-miss favorites.

  • springfield-racewayCan you hear it? Can you smell it? Do you have the need . . . the need for speed? Well, you’re in luck; summer is auto racing season in Missouri. There are no wimpy little motors here. Real race cars don’t have motors, they have engines—big, powerful engines that push with the force of hundreds of horses, creating a roar that can be heard miles away.

  • firefly-vodka-bannerI am a big fan of Bourbon and have had a chance to visit a few bourbon distilleries, but on a recent trip to South Carolina I had the good fortune to visit the Firefly Vodka Distillery on Wadmalaw Island. Set in the back woods, surrounded by salt marsh and swamps and protected by alligators, the Firefly Distillery is a destination not to be missed on your next visit to coastal Couth Carolina.

  • downtown grand rapidsPerhaps best known for its multitude of office furniture manufacturers, Grand Rapids, Michigan, might not readily come to mind as an exciting and compelling destination for weekend getaway. For despite the huge money that's been sunk into a ton of new construction in a city with a beautifully historic core, I haven't really noticed that the city has done a fantastic job of promoting itself, at least into the Chicago area.
  • days-inn-signA few weeks ago we had an opportunity to check out a unique property in Chicago, the "Rock and Roll" Days Inn. While typically Days Inn might not be your first choice for a guys weekend, this one is actually worth a look. Though the "Rock and Roll" aspect is more historical than part of today's decor (bummer).


  • big-sky-montanaThe best winter vacations include macho outdoor activities, and America’s wild West is the perfect place to take part in the fun.

  • days-inn-chicago-exteriorWhat would you say if I told you that I found the ultimate mancation hotel in Chicago - and it was a Days Inn. Wait, what? Did I just recommend that you consider staying at a Days Inn, rather than a swanky downtown hotel like the Trump?

    Yes, yes I did. This hotel has a rock and roll heritage, gangsters stayed here in the roaring 20's, it is walking distance to Wrigley Field, there are tons of bars and music halls nearby, and they even have a spa for men right next door!

  • Vegas may be one of those places that is overwhelming when you try to figure out where to go for the ultimate mancation. We had the opportunity recently to explore a fantastic choice that we heartily recomend you consider as well, The Palazzo.

    In addition to being a great casino hotel, The Palazzo is also home to Lagassi Stadium, which may well be the pinacle of perfection when it comes to sports bars!

  • Winter weather can snarl many a vacation plan, but for those seeking out snowy conditions Park City, Utah can offer a blast of fun. The mountain town features three ski slopes to choose from including the famous Deer Valley. Its location less than an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City International Airport makes it a popular spot thanks to cheaper flights compared to some of the other famous mountain destinations.

  • manly-australiaSo you’ve found yourselves flights to Australia. You have organized your travel insurance and your emergency first aid kit. You are equipped with tents, hiking boots and insect repellent.

    Or possibly the most recent guidebooks on culture and cafés in Sydney. Now it’s time to decide the details of your guys-only vacation down under.


  • DevilsPunchbowlRocks250x250pxIt’s been a long, arduous week at work. Your boss was complaining that you did not do the task he never informed you of in the first place, your clients have been calling you up all week demanding better results, and that stack of papers on your desk does not look like it will be getting any smaller in the near future. Fortunately, I have just the remedy for you: a weekend in Palmdale with just the guys. So call up your buddies and leave the wife at home, because this is dudes’ day out.
  • german-river-surfing-1Munich, Germany is known for its beer. This year was no exception as millions of visitors flocked to Munich for the 200th Anniversary of Oktoberfest.  If you are able to drag your self away from the frenzy and excitement of beer tents and dirndls, Munich has another Mancation worthy attraction – Surfing!

  • Are you dreaming of a Caribbean vacation and snorkeling in warm, turquoise-blue waters? We’ve got a list of the top 5 snorkeling spots in the Caribbean. 

  • Just a couple hours east of Chicago and almost the same distance from Detroit lies a wonder area just waiting for couples planning a romantic weekend. South West Michigan is a destination that continues to impress both Heather and I. Initially, it was the wine trail and the beach that drew us, but now we have grown to love exploring the little coastal towns like Saugatuck, Douglas, and St. Joseph.

  • Hello fellow mantripper’s. We have begun our Lake Michigan Circle trip and it has been a full day of travel and had a couple stops along our way. Our first stop brought us to Kenosha and a little diner called Frank’s, as seen on Diner’s Drive In’s and Dive’s from Food Network. I can tell you it was a complete dive of a diner and I loved it and why you should check it out. From the moment you pull up you can smell the greasy goodness emanating from the side of the small old building. Walking up you enter the small door and up the stairs to the sliding door and you enter into what a traditional diner should be. What hits you first is the smell of the grill sizzling of hash browns with varieties of porky goodness! Then you begin to look around and take in the small layout of booths and barstools and your eyes are drawn by your ears to the sounds of the cook yelling orders to her bread man and then calling to the servers when the orders are up. There is also the uniqueness of candor of the conversations of the regulars that undoubtedly visit daily. I really enjoyed this quaint and characteristic diner. We sat directly behind the grill and watched as our cook, and she was the only cook, fly through orders with flipping skills unmatched by few. It was real entertainment just to watch her run the grill and worth the trip in self. The food was great, we had traditional eggs, I had a Puffer omelet and all was really good. If you are going through Kenosha you need to stop here. Friendly and entertaining staff (the cook), good food and a fun environment. My only recommendation is to sit behind the grill.

    As we made our way north along I-94 we were greeted by increasing colors of auburn and orange redness on our approach to Door Counties front door of Sturgeon Bay. We hit Hwy 42/57 in Sturgeon Bay and stopped by the must see Door County Visitors Bureau. They have every brochure you would need including food, arts, lodging and daytrips. But most importantly-MAPS! We then continued our way slightly North and off County Road WD to Cave Point County Park. The website indicated you will “hear the coast before you see it”, and they were right. Upon walking up through the canopy of orange leaves you hear the tide hitting the bluffs with tremendous force. We made our way to the shoreline and were met with surprisingly steep and rocky bluffs. The lakeshore was crashing into the sides of the shore and it made for a nice relaxing atmosphere after our lengthy drive. We spent about 20 minutes walking up and down the shoreline listening to the bluffs sing their song and enjoying the crisp air. Be cautious though, there are many areas that are slippery and if you have Fido along, be sure to have him on a leash. If he gets to nosy there are places he could get himself and you in trouble.

    After the nice relaxing stroll we were back in the car and further north into the heart of Door County. Again the colors continued to impress as yellows turned more to brighter orange and dark reds. If you are a nature lover and looking to do foliage road trips this would be the place to be. Some of the Birch trees have already gone to sleep for the winter but most others are right now in Peek or possibly even slightly past. But overall today the colors have been amazing. The sun is beginning to set and we look west to see the sky filling with ruby and purple colors of the day drawing to a close in full Autumn splendor. It was now time to look for a place to eat. After some discussion and are craving for some BEER!, we end up in a town South of Fish Creek on Hwy 42 to Egg Harbor. Our restaurant of choice was Shipwrecked Brew Pub and Restaurant. It’s a small microbrewery offering 6 different brews and a decent menu of salads, sandwiches and your normal entrée fare. We tried the 6 Brew Sampler which consisted of 2 light beers, 1 cherry wheat, the seasonal pumpkin and a coffee infused peninsula porter. In all, none really impressed; light beers were average, the cherry lacked cherry’ness, the peninsula porter was a bit strong but tolerable, and the pumpkin would probably stand out as very drinkable of the lot. Our food was good; we had smoked chicken salad and a pulled pork sandwich and both were served quickly and by very friendly staff. I will say that I took a splurge and spent $3 for a bread plate that came with local olive oil and balsamic vinegar which was a highpoint of the evening. Both tasted of high quality, very fruity olive oil and the balsamic was ultra sweet and ultra smooth. Shipwrecked is the only microbrewery in the Door County region and I would say for the true brew lovers its worth the trip for the tasting and experience, but you probably will not find anything extraordinary worked about the brews. Of note Shipwrecked also houses an inn with quite reasonable rates starting around $59 even in peak season.

    After dinner we drive back up 42 to our final destination of Fish Creek to our home for the evening at Parkwood Lodge. Rolling into town I will tell you Fish Creek has a very busy nightlife. The small business lined streets were packed with cars and people walking up and down visiting shops, restaurants and bars. There is everything from Mexican, American and Swedish restaurants to Art galleries, Antique shops and Clothing Boutiques. I was so taken aback by all of the charm this town of Fish Creek has to offer. We are hoping to get out early tomorrow morning to dive into this town and explore what more it has to offer. Arriving into Parkwood Lodge we are greeted by a quaint tree lined two story lodge. We arrive into the lodge office and are greeted warmly by our office attendants. We were checked in quickly and I was impressed with how much information they offered us such as restaurant ideas and points of interests. They recommended but we were unable to attend a local theater production of “Guys and Does” about a Guy and a Deer and the folly of making fun of “northerners”. I am sure it would have been fun, but it highlights a point that there is a thriving art vibe going on here in Door County. In any event, we got our keys and proceeded to our room. We walked in and were pleasantly surprised with how clean everything was. Of note we noticed that it appears there is fresh paint, newer carpet, new headboards and even the windows were clean so we could see the great colors. One uniqueness is that the sink and mirror are in the bedroom/living space and the bathroom is simply that along with the shower. A little awkward but workable. However, the water was hot and the linens are clean so overall we are pleased. The facilities are decent offering a game room, pool and whirlpool spa, sundeck and tennis courts and access to snowmobile and skiing trails when available weather hits. I would say I am pleased with our first nights accommodations and is typical of a good lodge stay and is very comparable to the nicer state park lodges I have enjoyed in Ohio State parks.

    So our day draws to a close and we are turning in. Tomorrow will find us exploring some more of Fish Creek and Door County and then back to the open road on our way North toward Escanaba, Michigan. Special thanks today to John at the Door County CVB for all of his help and recommendations. He has been an invaluable asset to our trip and would highly recommend giving him a call before you make your own trip to this quaint and charming peninsula in a world of its’ own. Good night Mantrippers!

  • spirit-of-aloha-hiltonThe Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu offers a new experience for guests looking for a unique adventure now that the Spirit of Aloha catamaran is taking sail again.

    There's the popular lunch snorkel cruise, which goes for 2.5 hours at 10:30 a.m., or the sunset cocktail cruises. A weekly Friday night fireworks cruise is especially popular.


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