Travel Ideas for Men - Results from #680
  • More Than a Second City - Food, Sports, and Culture in Chicago

    More Than a Second City - Food, Sports, and Culture in Chicago

  • The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan Alaska

    The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show in Ketchikan Alaska

  • Grab Some BBQ, Listen to Great Music, and Get a Little Weird in Austin

    Grab Some BBQ, Listen to Great Music, and Get a Little Weird in Austin

  • Perfect for Foodies - Bernardus Lodge Carmel Valley California

    Perfect for Foodies - Bernardus Lodge Carmel Valley California

  • Norwegian Bliss, The Ultimate Cruise Ship for a Guys Getaway

    Norwegian Bliss, The Ultimate Cruise Ship for a Guys Getaway

  • Grand Velas Riviera Maya All Inclusive Resort

    Grand Velas All Inclusive Suites and Spa Resort

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Travel ideas for mancations, guys weekends, and romantic getaways
  • dukesfest 2008What better way to spend a weekend this summer than spending it a the 10th Annual Dukesfest in Atlanta. Hundreds of thousands of dukes fans celebrating one of the most famous redneck families of all time and their moonshine running, hard driving, but always 100% American sons, Bo and Luke Duke. Plus, this year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the show starting.

    Yeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

  • nintendo-wiiSaw this interesting story over at Puget Sound Business Journal that Westin Hotels are now beginning to feature Wii Fitness in their hotel rooms in New York City and Bellevue Washington.

    While it isn't quite as cool as having a full game setup like the Hotel Sax in Chicago, it is nice to see that us video gameaholics can still have fun on the road :)

  • gymThis article was written by a friend of ManTripping - Steele Luxury Travel: THE GYM—it is our savior.

    The gym or any other form of exercise creates a separation between work and play. It makes us feel masculine and allows us to look optimum. It also increases our various mental and physical appetites. Some of us lift weights, some of us run with a buddy, or even ride bikes through town with a group of dudes. Some boys seriously get into yoga or Pilates.

  • 01SJ Art FestivalAs I mentioned previously, mancations and guys weekends don’t have to be about going off in the woods or roughing it, there are some great things to do for us geeks and art people too. One idea that came across my desk recently is the 01SJ festival in San Jose (one of my favorite cities btw!)

    The festival describes itself as a “global festival of art on the edge” and starts this week, June 4-8 at various venues around San Jose.

  • pro-football-hall-logoFathers Day is just around the corner, but like my mom always tells me, "Mothers Day should be Every Day!" so I guess that means Fathers Day is as well? Hardly! Well, that doesn't mean you can't hint that it would be a great idea to take your son or your father out for a nice Father's Day getaway or a mancation this year.

    No matter where you are, there are always fun things to do for a Fathers Day mancation but you know that I like to look at some lesser known destinations as well as the popular ones... so today we are heading off to North East Ohio - Cleveland specifically for an awesome Father and Son Mancation idea.

  • Are you ready for the ultimate outdoors mancation? Does hiking and fishing sound like fun? Well, if you are like me, stuck in hot and humid Chicago right now, then maybe it might be time to think about heading off to western Wyoming for a visit to the Grand Teton National park.

  • az-biltmore-grill-patioIs your idea of a perfect mancation to spend time golfing with your buddies on some of the greatest golf courses in the world, then come back to a luxurious hotel where you can spend time spoking cigars and drinking premium bourbon?


    While certainly drinking and smoking isn't for everyone, if this is your cup of tea then you ought to enjoy it while you can since smoking bans are clearly creeping across the country and this icon of men smoking cigars, sipping bourbon, and sharing stories and tall tales with other guys is sure to disappear at some point in the near future.

  • Wandering Herd - Buffalo Bills MancationOur mission of not just talking about great mancation ideas, but actually showcasing some great mancations from our readers continues!

    This mancation story was submitted by John from California. Since 2005, a group of friends and I travel to one's Buffalo Bills away game per year, Tampa in 2005, Houston in 2006, Pittsburgh in 2007 and this year will be headed to Arizona in October.  We have nicknamed our group the 'Wandering Herd' and are very recognizable given the hats that we wear.

  • Unless you are stuck in Lapland, Northern Canada or Siberia, you probably don't think of visiting a ski resort as a great summertime destination for your next mancation. However, these winter playgrounds can also be fantastic year-round mancation destinations offering hiking, biking, art, music, spas, and tons of other great things to do for a mancation. One of these areas that looks like a great destination for guys is the Taos Ski Valley, in Taos, New Mexico.

  • Hotel Sax Chicago is now "Hotel Chicago Downtown"... Are you looking for the ultimate mancation hotel in the Windy City? Well Hotel Sax Chicago should top your list of choices! Imagine a luxury hotel that combines pretty much everything that us guys could want for a mancation... awesome electronics, including Xbox 360's, wide screen HDTV's, super chic rock and roll styled decor, and depending on your room they might even give you a Microsoft Zune to borrow during your stay.

  • winter-classic-wrigleyChicago in January is always pretty cold and icy and to be honest the concept of sitting in Wrigley Field in the winter isn't high on my list of things to do. However, this could be just the excuse you need to plan a Chicago mancation to see the Hawks and Wings at Wrigley. Assuming you can get tickets!

  • We men tend to make things up to give our lives meaning, we do stupid handshakes, code words, even flock to exclusive clubs to make ourselves feel important. So what about mancation rituals? At the risk of making our wives and girlfriends embarrassed, I wanted to share with other guys some of the fun and wacky stuff guys do to celebrate guys weekends or mancations. I had a chance to chat with several experienced guys who love taking mancations. Here are some of the rituals and traditions they shared with me:

  • big-foot-toursWith all the news recently about the guys down in Georgia that claim to have discovered Bigfoot, and the relevation that those guys indeed run a "Bigfoot tour company" I thought I would look around and see what other Bigfoot tours there were out there. Afterall, regardless of whether or not they are promoting a hoax, wouldn't it make a great mancation to go out and try to find your own Bigfoot?

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any information online about Rick Dyer's Bigfoot tour company, but I did come across Bigfoot Safarion Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

    Bigfoot Safari offers a variety of tour options, including offroad adventures with fully equipped Landcruisers, Landrovers, and Mercedes Unimogs. Plus, if you have ever been to coastal British Columbia you know that this is just an awesome place to go for a mancation, but the chance to see Bigfoot makes it just that much better!

  • California is known as the Golden State for a reason and luckily there is still gold left for prospectors to find, as well as tons of history from the gold rush to explore.

    So, if you are looking for a golden idea for your next mancation, you can't get one much better than planning a gold prospecting adventure. Another benefit of a trip like this is that if you find something nice you can bring it home to the wife or girlfriend, or just fund your next mancation. The following are a few places to look to get your gold fever started!

  • The south east coast is littered with great golf resorts, but last year when I was attending a wedding on Isle of Palms I came across Wild Dunes and it stuck out as something special. It didn't feel like every other golf resort and now that I found out they have some great mancation packages I am even more excited!

    Plus when you combine golf with the historic southern charm and luxury of Charleston itself you simply can't go wrong.

    Elizabeth Kelly, Marketing Communications Manager at Wild Dunes Resort, was nice enough to answer some of our questions and talk about some of the great mancation and guys weekend activities at this great South Carolina golf resort.

  • Catskill Mountain Mancation

    This mancation story was submitted to us by Tim Woods, a Man Tripping reader who wanted to share with us a story about his annual mancation taking place in the Catskill Mountains of New York.


  • adventures in travel expo logoThis past weekend I had the chance to visit the Adventures in Travel Expo in Rosemont. Browsing fun and exciting opportunities from African Safari's to diving for treasure in the caribean, visiting this expo was the perfect way to spend a cold and snowy, winter afternoon.

  • Hi James, I love your site and we're now following you on Twitter! I'm planning a FAM Trip for media on 8/20-8/21 to The Abbey Resort in Lake Geneva. Would you like to go there and bring your wife -- she can take a look from the "chick vacation" point of view and you can from the "mancation" point of view. Interested? If so, please email me and I'll give you the full itinerary. Thanks! Molly
  • We all have different ideas of what it means to be men and different way to celebrate those ideas and interests. What is your favorite type of mancation?

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