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Dangerous Mountain Hikes - Huangshan China

Are you planning a hike this summer? It is a great time to head off into the mountains in search of adventure!

Before you do though, check out these amazing "extreme" hikes we collected from around the world.


Changkong Huanghshan Mountain



Located in Eastern China, this is one of the most extreme mountain hikes you can undertake today. It is also one of the most beautiful places in the world and is marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is also known as one of the best places in the world to watch the sunrise as the light bounces off the granite peaks. 

El Camino del Rey



Also known in Spanish as El Caminito del Rey or "The King's little pathway", this is a walkway that long ago stopped being maintained but it offers a challenge to thrill seekers looking to follow it along the narrow gorge in El Chorro, in Malaga Spain. It was originally built in 1905 and is approximately 100 meters above the river. Today, because of the popularity of this as a tourist attraction, it is slowly being repaired but with the objective of leaving much of the original features so as to retain it's history.

Crouching Lion Hike (Hawaii)



If you are looking for some fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean this hike is a great idea. It only takes 30-40 minutes but you can do versions that are longer.

Pisac Puru


"Southern Utah"




Vorarlberg Austria


Trolltunga, Norway




Acadia National Mark, Maine


Grand Canyon


Arava Desert Canyoning, Israel


John Muir Trail




Mt. Everest!


There is probably no greater hike than climbing up Mt Everest, so let's end our tour of amazing hikes here with this guy's experience climbing up the tallest mountain in the world ... Certainly he deserves to celebrate with some Jagermeister when he gets back to the pub with his friends!

Which of these extreme hikes is your favorite for your next mancation?